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  1. Hi, Can anyone please tell next available dates (September is preferable) for H4B visa stamping Thank You.
  2. skakum

    Do I need a H1B stamp Again

    I guess there is no need of going to stampin when we have valid stamping..It does not matter which employer you are with? Can anyone please confirm it?
  3. skakum

    Can I Visit INDIA with old petioner visa

    Thank You for your replies. I have my marriage in July. Can I send my wife to H4 visa with my new I 797(Note: Without having stamping on my VISA with that new I-797)? Please let me know if I am not clear.
  4. skakum

    H4 for family - ds 160 question - 1st time

    I guess, they are asking about GC filing. If you did not file for GC, u need to select 'No'. But please wait for others reply.
  5. Hi, I got stamping in March in Hyd. My visa is valid until Sept 30 2015. I am now applying for H1B extension with different employer. I have to go to INDIA again in June. 1. Is it mandatory to go for re-stamping with new i-797, because I changed employer? 2. Is it fine if I visit INDIA when my H1B extension process is in pending? Thank You.
  6. Sorry for late post.. I had my first h1b stamping interview on March 18th in Hyd.. Questions: Did you do Masters? Where? Do you have client? What is client name? Is your employer same in opt and h1b? She did not ask for any documents except my passport.. got my passport back within 3 days. Thank You.
  7. skakum

    Current Open Dates in Hyderabad ??

    March 19 20 23 24 26 27 30 31
  8. What does it mean "Where r u going?"
  9. skakum

    DS 160 and Appointment fee transfer

    I have same doubt bro.. But I think we can not transfer fee.. but lets wait for others response...
  10. skakum

    DS160 Question

    No Idea about this. But can you please tell available dates in Ottawa?
  11. skakum

    Unable to schedule for Jamaica

    No..I could nt see any dates opened in nov...
  12. skakum

    H1 Approved But Passport Delay coz of PIMS

    This is common... No issues...
  13. skakum

    I am unable to retrieve my ds 160 form

    We faced same situation. We called them but they said they can not update it. We cancelled appointment and rescheduled it.
  14. skakum

    Visa appointment on Oct 27th Jamaica

    yes. I have on same day..