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  1. Great, will go with the second option then to be on safe side. Will apply for h4 and withdraw once find job so I can start working immediately on receipt or else will keep it. really appreciate your help.
  2. Thanks for all your suggestion. 3) You can file new H1 but include your H4 receipt if you got a new job. So this way I can start working as soon as I get the H1B receipt? 4) My suggestion : if your wife has I140 approved, convert yourself to H4 and get EAD with in 1 month by filing H4+H4 EAD together. I followed this process. Still not filed for perm, so this option will not work. thanks for the info
  3. thank you for the info. 1. You have 60 days from the last date of your employment. Even if my employer revokes my H1b? 3. If you move to H-4 and find a job then your new employer will have to apply for H-1 again, but you cannot work on receipt because it would be a change of status from H-4 to H-1. What happens if I get my receipt for H4 but still h4 is not approved, and I find a new job?
  4. Hello All, Will appreciate if someone can help and share there experience with me. I was on my H1b with an employer but got laid-off yesterday. My spouse is on H1B too and I am confused what to do, I have some questions it will be great if you guys can help. 1. How much time do I have to find a new job from last pay check? and if my employer revokes my H1B do i still have time to find a new job? 2. Spouse H1B is in transfer processing, can still move to H4 on his H1B pending status? 3. If I file for H4 and find another job within few days, can I still file for H1B transfer or need to choose one. Please guide what should i do in this situation. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, if the situation comes then this is what I will do.
  6. This is so confusing now, it's true lot of my friends also got there H1b approved through Goldy Beacom. I am just worried as my due date is October first week and I will not able to go for stamping to India.Is it possible I can go india for stamping after 2-3 months and get approval of H1 or I need to forget about h1 and come back to F1 and try applying next year??
  7. Thank you both, I do under stand your point. Hope all works out, it's not that I am afraid of going india for COB but my delivery date is October 4th so not sure how will I manage all during that time. My lawyer says H1B wil get approved but u they might not change status, lets see there is nothing I can do till I get the results. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  8. Hello, I am looking for some suggestions here, please if you cant help at least don't scare me in this situation. Last year my H1 didn't got pick up so had no other option then going to GBC. If you can then please let me know any options here or else that's fine and why should I prepare to leave the country?
  9. Currently I am on F1 CPT with goldy beacom college
  10. Hello, I am pregnant and expecting in October, my H1B was filed this year and it got selected but received RFE for GBC based CPT My lawyer is telling me that I will get my H1 but the change of status will be denied and need to go India. I will not be able to go India for stamping due to my pregnancy, can someone please tell me what are the options I have to maintain my status? Can I go later for stamping and stay in USA till the birth of child? Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  11. Thank you Guys, this means I should not take a risk of leaving my current employer right till my extension is approved? Is it true that, if I file for new h1 transfer and if my current extension gets denied, I need to go back to India and come back on the new H1B transfer or the transfer just gets denied too??
  12. Hello all, My current H1B is expired (October 1st week 2015) and my current employer has already applied for my extension, but it still in initial stage and it shows on USCIS the case is received. Now I am getting a new better job offer from a different employer, in this case can I file for an H1 Transfer or do i need to wait till my H1b extension is approved?? My current employer is not ready to file for a premium processing so there is no way I will hear back on my application till next 2 months as per the processing timings on USCIS. I will really appreciate if someone can help me out to figure this out. Thank you!!!
  13. Hello everyone, He is telling me to pay after a month, what do you guys suggest should I wait one month and then complain or should i go ahead right now, as after a month its possible, if he wont get money he will close. Do I get all the money if he files bankruptcy or certain amount only ? Thank you for your suggestions everyone, I really appreciate you guys helping me in this situation.
  14. Thank you guys for your suggestions, actually the company is struggling financially and told us to hold few months as they were hoping to get some investor or else leave. And as I was not able to find any job who were ready to transfer my H1B, I was left no other option other then holding with them. My employer is telling me to hold one more month and he will pay, but who knows tomorrow if he doesn't get any investor and if he closes the company then I am not sure whether DOL will take my case or not, and I will get my money or not. Once I complain in DOL, do I get my money even if they file for Bankruptcy or not? Omshiv, I got the paystubs from him, but he told me not to deposit the checks. My transfer is still in process.
  15. Hello, I left my employer in July 2014, he owes me my salary for the month of April, may, June 2014 . I called him and everytime he tells me that he is going through financial problems and need one more month. I am an immigrant with H1B visa, I got a new job and have transferred my H1B to the new employer. But still my H1B is not approved (its in process), so if I file a case against my old employer will this affect my H1B filing process. The company where I used to work gave me the checks for those 3 months, but told not to deposit it, so i am holding on with the 3 months check with me as if I deposit it will bounce and then that owner I know will not pay me. I don't know but that company has no more work and might be they will close after a month if they don't find an investor. So if they closes like that will I get my money from them or no. This is the only savings I have right now,but they are holding it and not giving me. I will really appreciate if someone can guide me what should I do in this case. Thank you, have a nice day.