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  1. These people are still stuck...thanks to Jamaica ....!
  2. Yes 2 people did, but what can you do? Abuse another consulate = the desi way to go !
  3. Lol, Mexico is next in line...you guys are seriously making this a joke
  4. Yes, ever heard of a satellite phone? Perhaps not...! Canadian Rahul412 !
  5. Manoj, call me, inboxed you my #, i am more real than you can imagine
  6. winner21

    Available dates in Canada for H1B VISA

    Vancouver has closed all appointments, not sure because of 221g's or some other problems
  7. winner21

    VISA Approved Ottawa Consulate 11/24

    Are you 1st time f1 to h1?
  8. winner21

    BC for 485

    Thi is justa link explianing info, where is the form?
  9. There is no guarantee, they can call the HR and the whole thing can take 30+ days to clear because in a big company with 10000's of employees, an h1b is not a priority + not everyone issued you the letter.
  10. Situation is bad out there, you guys are just lucky to get it
  11. Hello Guys, My friend Ramesh & his 2 friends both received 221g's yesterday & today at Vancouver. They were in EVC and EC model. Ramesh was 1st time f1 to h1b and other was h1b renewal. Please note they never received any 221g during f1 or h1b Ramesh Interview: VO: GM R: GM Madam VO: What is your highest level of education? R: Masters in Comp Science VO: Did you go to New York University? R: Yes Madam VO: Who is your current employer? R: XXX International Inc VO: Are you working for a client? R: Yes Madam VO: Show me your last year W2, 6 months paystubs, LCA, I-129 R: Given, VO looked at them for a minute, i became very nervous and i saw her write RFE on corner of doc VO: Issued me a white slip R: I asked for how many days will it take to clear? VO: It can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks as we have to conduct some checks R: ok, thnx In evening i checked with client, they did not get any call, very nervous 2 friend situations: (overall similar questions) VO: GM Me: GM Sir VO: Are you with the same employer now? Me; Yes Sir VO: What do you work as? Me: Software Engineer VO: Show me your resume please Me; Gave VO: Looked closely for a minute Me: Nervous VO: Do you work for client? Me: Yes VO: Show me client letter Me: Here it is VO: I cannot issue you a visa right now, we have to do more checks, gave me 221g white slip Me; how much time will it take sir? VO: Anywhere b/w 2-4 weeks My client got a detailed list of 12-15 something questions, they have not shared that with me, i am very nervous, dont know whats going on....my director did not give me letter and i took from PM..so dont know if he will even respond to VO. I will post more updates here, sorry to hear about this, i am trying to help them, please share your thoughts and helpful suggestions.... together we may win this battle.
  12. winner21

    BC for 485

    Do you have links to such forms?
  13. Try Afghani consulate, it will be a breeze
  14. Anyone any approvals or 221g's?