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  1. unlucky_boy

    Blue 221g Chennai

    Dude, do they contacted anyone during this AP process? whats your result of your 221g and how many days it took?
  2. after how many days consulate sent an email to client?
  3. Its really painstaking process, what if we lost the job after a month and then they contact the client office. Even after passing too many steps done by uscis we still have to suffer these while stamping .. Crazy life
  4. unlucky_boy

    quick question on travel to us while on 221g

    I dont have change of status done yet. I just contacted my dso he said my sevis is still active on F1. Note: when apploed h1 in us, i didnt get my change of status.
  5. hello guys, i have got 221g blue slip at chennai its under admin processing. i do have valid f1 visa untill 2015 and valid i20. Meanwhile can i travel and continue my studies untill my 221g resolves? please let me know guys, i appreciate your help.
  6. unlucky_boy

    221g at chennai

    Hello all, i have got 221g at chennai consulate today. just 2 simple question employer and client. handed over the blue slip to me and checked the box additional administration process required. In us travel docs status says "you passport is still with us consulate/embassy. could you please tel what does it mean and how long it takes?
  7. unlucky_boy

    Anyone stamping in Hyderabad recently??

    only 29 and 30 are available in hyd (dec)
  8. pokiri...is there any specific reason on your 221g?
  9. unlucky_boy

    How many days it takes for Canada visiting Visa

    srujan..how long it takes to get approval when we sent the online application??
  10. I have got my answer. Please reply to the posts when you know the answer or else don't post irrelevant things. I will agree with you. I will be confident :)
  11. unlucky_boy

    How many days it takes for Canada visiting Visa

    I applied on oct22, no response yet..
  12. sure bro... thanks for your info :)
  13. i didnt say i will go and choose visa officer. im just asking about how many counters are there and these days im hearing lot of 221g from particular counter so just want to make sure which counter is that... "you are so funny"
  14. mine too for nov 17....