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  1. chandu103

    H4 ead application question 11

    You need to submit all the OPT cards from Day 1-END and enter the latest approval date of the OPT card on the I-765 form. Include front and back pics of OPT card.
  2. chandu103

    L1 Question

    My brother is currently on L1 visa (Blanket) and he came initially in May 2015 and worked till Sep 2016. Recently he came back again in May 2017 and at POE his I-94 was given till March 2020. His current approved petition is valid till March 2018. My questions are: 1. Does his employer need to file for extension in-case if he is staying beyond March 2018? 2. Can he work on I-94 date ( i.e. March 2020) with out applying for extension? 3. What if he has plans to go to india for visiting after March 2018? Please advise.
  3. chandu103

    H4 ead application question 11

    Since you had OPT work authorization earlier, Please mention the latest dates there and attach all the copies. Don't mention the H1-B employment. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. chandu103

    H4 EAD Process for Dependent spouse

    Hello, you need to enter category c 26 not c 36 in question 16. and enter the latest WAC or EAC or LIN number in question 18. If you code is EAC or LIN, it goes to Dallas, if it is WAC you need to send to Phoenix. Thanks
  5. chandu103

    H4 visa 221G

    Hello, Is your issue resolved? I am also in the same boat. Please let me know how long it takes for administrative processing? Thanks.
  6. chandu103

    H4 visa interview 221g

    Hello, Is your issue resolved? I am also in same situation but my wife went for F-OPT to H4 visa stamping and VO asked only copy of I-797 of spouse and marriage certificate and gave it back. VO didn't gave any 221g form. VO said your visa was approved but since you are in F1 visa , we need to some additional verification on Sevis. when i checked status case is under administrative processing. How long it will take for you to update the case? Appreciate for you response.
  7. My wife travelled back to India on her own F1-OPT and appeared for H4 visa interview on August 14 2017. She was questioned a few more about her Masters degree in the US and her work experience. Only couple of questions about spouse (employer name and client location) about the H1B holder were asked. VO verified H1-B copy and marriage certificate and returned them. At the end of the interview, he was told that her visa was approved. Then was also told that they had to do some verification on Sevis since you are in F1 visa initially on their end. The VO didn't give any 221g form. I have checked the online https://ceac.state.gov website for tracking shows that the case is under administrative processing. Does any one encountered similar situations in the past. Your response is highly appreciated.
  8. chandu103

    F1-OPT to H4 visa stamping.

    Hello Folks, 1. My wife is planning to go for H4 stamping in next 1-2 months depending on Visa date availability. Currently she is on F1-OPT. Her OPT expires Dec 2017. Do you think what will be the good idea to go for H4 stamping whether it is India or Mexico is also fine? Please let me know if any one faced this scenario. 2. Currently i am on H1-B visa with expiration Sep 2020. can she apply H4 & H4 EAD concurrently (COS) with out going to H4 stamping and get both of them approved at a time instead of applying both petitions separately? 3. If i transfer to new employer can i apply H1 transfer + H4+H4EAD at a time? Assume PP is back in next 1-2months?
  9. chandu103

    DDS Program in USA

    Thank you for your response. If you can briefly explain what are the steps he needs to clear before to work start work in USA, that would really help him to plan accordingly. Does he needs to clear exam only or he needs to study again in USA? Thanks.
  10. chandu103

    DDS Program in USA

    Hello, I have a question on DDS Program in USA. My brother completed BDS in india and now pursuing MDS last year. He is planing to work in USA as Dentist. What are the options he have now? Does MDS qualification in india is eligible to work in USA or does he needs to write NBDE exams before he start working? Appreciate if someone can answer my question.
  11. Hello, Can some one please share the dates available in January in Hyd? Thanks
  12. chandu103

    F1-H1 stamping in india

    Hello, I am planning to go H1b stamping in Feb-2015. This is my first H1b stamping and also i am going to india after 4years. what if VO ask about not visited to home country in past 4 years?
  13. this is for all who all are planning to go to jamaica. No more third countries are allowed. No more h1 first time stamping. effective date 31 Oct 2014. source: http://kingston.usembassy.gov/mobile//applicants-outside.html.
  14. Hi Sri, My email is *********@gmail.com.
  15. Hi, Please share your contact information. I have visa interview on the same day. Thanks, Chandra