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  1. dtahiliani

    Need advice on job change after i-140 approved

    Hello All, I was checking certain website, it clears says if USCIS feels something is fraud or fishy then they have authority to revoke the I-140, it doesn't say that after 180 days organization as right to revoke .. Could you please help with more information on the same ?
  2. Hello All, I have an I-140 approved from my current employer from last 1 yr. Currently, I have got an new opportunity with better profile, benefits but same background skills. I am looking to go ahead with that offer. I am aware about that my current employer needs to restart the whole process again which includes PERM and I-140 refilling. I am looking to know that whether i can use my current i-140 which is approved by my current employer to get further extensions until new organization files the new PERM and I-140, also will there be any issue at time of stamping, how long will my i-140 stay active, will it impact EAD ? Please help me with your inputs on the same.
  3. dtahiliani

    How to get I-140 approval copy

    Will that I-140 petition of old employer suffice for an new employer to get an extension on H1B visa ?
  4. dtahiliani

    I140 taking longer time to get approve

    Hello Experts, Is there an delay happening in approving the i-140 cases in texas service centre ? Last update was on 01/31/17 where they have been processing OCT 4th 2016 cases, after that no updates ? Can someone shed some light on this ?
  5. Hi Experts, My current organization is about to file labor certificate/Perm. I have in all 10 yrs of experience and respective experience letters of previous organization, out of these 10 yrs of experience in one of the US firm i worked for just 5 months. Now that firm is not giving me an experience letter with job responsibilities as it was short work duration. In addition to this i have all paystubs, W2 form and offer letters to prove my employment. Will it be OK if i don't include that experience and go head with showing 9.5 yrs of exp ?. Will this not cause any issue or RFE in later stage(i.e. I-140 etc) ? Please help me with your valuable advise/suggestion.
  6. dtahiliani

    I-140 denied.

    Thanks for your response Joef. But my attorney is telling that if we refile the I-140 by MTR perm gets reactivated and you can get the extension of 1 yr on PERM approved but I-140 pending. Please let me know your views on the same.
  7. dtahiliani

    I-140 denied.

    Hi Does refiling the I-140 activates the Perm and I-140 in pending state and can we get the extension of 1 yr on H1B visa at 6 yr limit ?
  8. dtahiliani

    I-140 denied.

    Thanks Joef. What is the next step we can do now ? Can we reapply i-140 ? Or i need to start the whole process in EB3 from PERM onwards ? Can we go for MTR or appeal ? Please help me with your advice.
  9. dtahiliani

    I-140 denied.

    Hi Experts, Please help me with your suggestions. I have received the I-140 denial filed in EB2 category. Could you please tell me what can be reasons of deny ? I have Bachelors in Science (3 yrs) + Masters in Computers (2yrs) + 10 yrs of experience. Can we reapply ? If yes what category should we reapply ? What documents needs to be submitted for evidence ?
  10. dtahiliani

    RFE during I-140-- Need advise urgently

    Hi Experts, Need you advise urgently.. Received RFE for I-140 filing in EB2 catgeory. Need to know : What can be reason i received the RFE ? What all documents he might need to clear my case ? Will documents needed will be required related to my background or company's background ? Please suggest your valuable inputs ... Very tensed ...
  11. dtahiliani

    I-140 approve with old employer

    Any replies please ?
  12. dtahiliani

    I-140 approve with old employer

    Hi Experts, I have an approved i-140 with old employer, can i use that i-140 to get extension on my H1-B visa when i go for stamping with my new employer ? Kindly suggest your views.
  13. dtahiliani

    I-140 approved after employee change

    Hi Experts, I have got my I-140 approved from my old employee, my H1B is transferred to new employer and i am working with new employee. H1B validity is given till max out. Can i use the I-140 of previous employer to get 3 yrs extension provided my prev employer doesn't revoke the I-140 of mine. ? Please advise.
  14. dtahiliani

    Need Advice -- H1B transfer

    Hi, Currently, employer B has started by H1B transfer in premium and given my receipt and asking me to start serving my notice period on receipt with current employer . Is it safe to do ? How much chances of getting approved ? Do i need wait for approval or etc ? Please help
  15. dtahiliani

    Need Advice -- H1B transfer

    Hi Experts, Company B has initiated my H1B transfer and i have received the receipt number. They are asking me to start serving the notice of 2 weeks with my current company A. Is it safe to put papers now on H1B receipt receive? OR wait for approval notice of H1B ? Kindly advice pls Thanks Dinesh