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  1. choubey.alok

    H1B Dropbox showing Refused

    Refusal means 221g in majority of the cases, especially work visas. Prior to March 3rd, 221g used to reflect the status as "Admin processing". It has started to show as "Refused" now. This was done by Department of State to reflect the status of the application as worded in 221g letter issued. The info about this update is available on State Department website.
  2. choubey.alok

    H1B Dropbox showing Refused

    Its available on ustraveldocs.com/in. Also on US embassy website. There won't be any email/sms notification since its a blanket cancellation. No one can go for interview unless there is a new update.
  3. choubey.alok

    H1B Dropbox showing Refused

    Hi - I am in the same boat, I checked the passport status on the website and it shows passport is being processed for delivery. While reading articles on the internet and various forums, looks like US state department has changed the status of "Admin processing" to "Refused" to reflect correct visa status. It started on March 3rd with a directive. I believe its most likely 221g but need to wait for the package. US travel docs support is asking to wait until I receive the package and then plan the next steps. Btw, I had a DUI in 2017 and I guess its most likely the same reason. Although I had my first successful stamping after DUI in 2018 with panel physician. This time I made a mistake of going with Dropbox since I was eligible. Let me know what update you got. Please share here.
  4. It's not in your control anymore and you need to wait till the case is under processing. You can't do much here since the case is now with the consulate. If they ask you for any document at a later point in time, just share with them and hope for the best.
  5. choubey.alok

    Got 221g. Please help me

    Any document, which supports your case or may help support your case, should be shared with the consulate. Try to send as much documented proof as possible.
  6. There is no relation between your petition and visa as far as validity is concerned. You should consider yourself lucky enough to get visa for a year. There have been instances where visa was approved for just few months. Visa stamping/petition is case-driven. One mustn't compare his/her case to another.
  7. choubey.alok

    Stamping in Germany.. need suggestions please!!

    In the past, consulates in Germany have rejected or denied visa stamping for third-country nationals. Moreover, with the recent case of Kingston consulate issuing a direction about not entertaining stamping for third-country nationals, its highly recommended to visit your home country for any stamping related exercise.
  8. choubey.alok

    visa appointment cancelled email jamaica,anyone in same boat

    The appointment fees is non-refundable. If you want to book an appointment with Kingston consulate, you can do so against the same fee. No need to pay again. The MRV fee paid once is valid for the next 1 year. If you have plans to book with a different consulate, you need to start afresh and pay again.
  9. choubey.alok

    anyone with h1b extension experience at jamaica please post

    I completed all my education in India (B.Tech), no further education and travelled to US for the first time on H1B in 2012 with a fresh stamped visa. Now I need to go for stamping for my extended visa. Is there any problem with my stamping eligibility in Jamaica (considering no degree from US and its H1-H) ?
  10. choubey.alok

    Visa Approved Oct 9th@Kingston Jamaica

    @vvsk: Can you please connect with me at my profile email address? I am looking for a couple of answers. Thanks and appreciate it. -Alok
  11. choubey.alok

    Visa Approved Oct 9th@Kingston Jamaica

    @vvsk: Thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to know your friend's experience too. Can you please connect me to your friend? Appreciate it. Thanks Alok
  12. choubey.alok

    Anyone for Jamaica on Nov 17th??

    @swathi: Please send me an email to the address in my profile. Your contact details are masked if you post here.
  13. choubey.alok

    Anyone for Jamaica on Nov 17th??

    Guys, please send an email if you want to discuss in detail. My email address is available with my profile info.
  14. choubey.alok

    Anyone for Jamaica on Nov 17th??

    Krish, please connect with me at my profile email.
  15. choubey.alok

    Anyone for Jamaica on Nov 17th??

    Krish, can you please connect with me via email. Its there in my profile. Thanks.