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  1. I have my appointment on Nov 3rd and booked it in September. So would this change of policy apply to me? Does 'new applications' mean new appointment made after Oct 31st?
  2. tvinay84

    No Jamaica for stamping

    I have my appointment on Nov 3rd and which was booked in September. Does the phrase "no longer accept applications.." apply in my case as I already have an appointment?
  3. Hi All, I am planning on going for my H1B stamping to Canada this year. With regards to this, I am wondering if I can use the same MRV fees I paid to schedule an appointment in one location in Canada, to a different location in Canada. For example say I have an appointment for November 30th in Vancouver, can I later change it to an earlier available appointment say October 30th in Ottawa? Please let me know, and also kindly excuse if this is a repost...