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  1. Srik013

    H1B transfer and PERM

    My H1B max out is May 2019, I have been working with an Indian firm from 11years and past 5years in USA.They dont process GC's. Now they wont give my experience letter if I quit in US, so I need to go to India and serve notice period 2 months to get my relieving and experience letter.my current client from Indian company is asking me to come back in June 2018 as independent contractor. Questions : 1) company X is ready to take My H1B transfer and start PERM,GC process as future employment --> will this work ?. 2)can I continue working for indian company till I get my experience letter and come to USA then start working for company X , mean while having the PERM process running by company X ?. 3) I have stamped Visa from Indian employer petition till end of H1 max out 2019 May, in april 2018 when I am planning to travel back to work with company X should I be going for stamping again ? or just the H1B transfer approval petition I 797 is good enough?. thank you for valuable answers. Regards
  2. Hi All, My H1B extension was filled in Nov 2016 premium processing got approved in 1 week for 1year :(, But my Wife's H4 is still even today in case received after 8 months. Mean while I applied for another extension which got approved for 2years and her 2nd H4 petition is also not approved yet. Not sure what is happening here, attorney raised service request due date is july 1st..wish us luck.
  3. Hi All, Hope things are going good My wife's H1 amendment is under process and got an RFE on February 19, 2016, My attorney responded to the RFE on Mar 5, it reached USCIS on Mar 8th ,its been a month but there is no acknowledgment from USCIS. Her H1 Amendment is under premium processing with Vermont center. Can any one guide me how to deal with this situation or what is the time frame for USCIS to acknowledge, I understand 15 days PP clock wont kick in till we get an acknowledgement. Thank you.
  4. My H1b visa expired on Nov 19th 2013, My company applied for extension in June 2013 but it was approved only on 17th July of 2014. When I got my approved visa petition , I noticed that my LCA is amount is higher than my actual salary by 5k. When I checked with my company they said LCA will be effective from the date of approval that is July 17th 2014, Is it right ? or I should the compensation mentioned in LCA from the date of new LCA validity date which is 20th Nov 2013. My current LCA ,I129,I797 are from Nov 20th 2013 to Nov 19th 2016. thank you for clarifying. Regards SrikanthP