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  1. Thank you for the information. I do have all the required documentation from Employer B.
  2. Thank you for the response. Yes I do have all the required documentation from Employer B.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a valid H1 stamping until 2022 from employer A. I recently moved to employer B and my h1 transfer was approved. Now, if my spouse needs to attend H4 interview, will my current valid H1 visa ( it has employer A info) cause any issue as I will be giving my spouse my current employer B supporting documentation? Should i have employer B visa on my passport? I am little confused and worried. Need some help! Also, I believe i need not attend visa interview again as I have a valid visa on my passport? Please let me know. Thank you everyone!
  4. balakumar514

    H1B stamping with sister companies

    hi, when do you plan on attending for your visa interview? do you atleast 1 paystub from company B ( who sponsored your h1 ?). that should be enough. you can carry your past paystubs from company A and show them as supporting documents if needed.
  5. Hi everyone, I need some guidance with my current situation. I am working as a consultant with my current employer and recently got my h1 extension approved for 3 years at client location A. I have my I140 approved with the same employer as well. I started at a new client B very recently (less than 2 weeks) and my employer filed for my H1 amendment for the same new client location I got a FTE offer this week and I would like to accept that. Q1. While interviewing for the FTE position, I was at client A. By the time I got an offer from them (I got the offer this week), I am at client B now. The new company does not know about my new work assignment at client B as I had to switch projects due to layoffs at client A. Now when they want to transfer my h1, should i inform them about the amendment? Q2. What will happen to my current amendment while the new employer does my transfer(for FTE)? After I get my approval , will the amendment get cancelled or get revoked ? Kindly suggest me as to how to navigate in this situation Thank you!
  6. balakumar514

    Successful Visa Interview @ Hyderabad

    Update: Received passport in 2 days
  7. Hello, I am currently working as a Software developer consultant for the same client for past 4 years ( EVC Model ). This is my H-1B extension and did my Masters. I had my previous visa stamping with same employer and end client in 2017. So, I was eligible for interview waiver program and submitted documents using dropbox. Case updates : 17th June : Application Dropped in person at VFS 18th June : Application Received 19th June: Administrative Processing 20th June: Administrative Processing 21st June : Received 221g email from the consulate. I was asked to schedule an appointment for an follow up in person interview . My passports were with the embassy. The first available appointment was on July 8 at 9:00 am and scheduled it. Had to reschedule my return flight 😞 due to this unforeseen incident . This morning I reached embassy at 8:45 and I was allowed to enter inside after 9 am Note: Candidates in similar boat , please do carry your other forms of ID for verification ex: Aadhar card ( Couple of folks who had 221g did not have identification on them and were not allowed inside ) After security check, I was asked to go directly to counter #6 to collect my passports and then go to counter #7 for fingerprints. I was handed over a token for counter #11 and I did not had to wait in line with rest of the applicants. I immediately reached the counter and there were couple of people before me ( one aspirant was F-1 and other was L-1 ). Sadly both of them were denied and now came my turn. ( Little nervous ) Here's my interview: Officer: Who is your current employer? Me: Answered Officer: When did you join the petitioner? Me: Answered Officer: What is your current compensation? Me: Answered as per LCA Officer: What is your highest degree of education and where did you go to school? Me: MS in US Officer: What is your job title? Me: Answered as per LCA Officer: What are your responsibilities? Me: Answered Officer: Do you have an end client? Me: Yes Officer: Do you have a client letter? Me: Yes. Shared it with her Officer: Do you have any vendors? how many layers? Me: 1 Officer: Share the vendor letter Me: I provided the letter Officer: Can you share your employment letter with me? Me: Shared the letter Officer: What is your salary again? Me: Answered Officer: How big is your team at client base? Me: Answered Officer: Who is your favorite colleague at client and why? Me: Answered Officer: What is the nature of client business? Me: Answered Officer: Do you use services of your client? Me: Answered Officer: How long have you been working for this client? Me: Answered Officer: Reviewed all the client, vendor and employment letter for a while and said " Your VISA is APPROVED" The interview lasted for about 3-4 minutes and I was out of the consulate by 9:30 am. Can anyone share the timeline to receive the passport? Thanks to the forum as always! Thanks!
  8. balakumar514

    Successful Visa Stamping at Hyderabad

    Hi sachin, I think you will be able to get a slot I don't have the ability to view the availability now Thanks
  9. balakumar514

    Successful Visa Stamping at Hyderabad

    Update: Sept 25 : Visa interview, status changed to Admin processing Sept 26: Admin processing Sept 27: Issued Sept 28: Ready for pickup Thanks
  10. balakumar514

    H1B Stamping Situation in Hyderabad

    Hi, I had my interview today in Hyderabad and it was approved. I'm on EVC model Thanks
  11. balakumar514

    Visa stamping first time

    Hi, If you have all your documents - you can go You might be asked about your school and please be prepared to answer any related questions All the best
  12. Hello All, My Profile: Current Visa: H1-B renewal (completed first 3 years) and I140 approved Job: E-V-C Model Education: MS in US from a reputed public university First stamping (F1-->H1): Vancouver, Canada I had my visa interview this morning at 12 pm IST at Hyderabad Consulate The interview lasted less than a minute and I was not asked to show any documents Here is my interview breakdown Officer: Who is your current employer? Me: Answered Officer: When did you join your current employer Me: Answered Officer: What is your current compensation? Me: Answered (as per LCA) Officer: What is your highest degree of education and where did you go to school? Me: MS in US and school name Officer: Have a safe journey back Me: Thank you Sir What is the typical processing time for passports at Hyderabad? Thank you all
  13. balakumar514

    I-94 Expiring Soon..Need guidance

    Any updates for me on this please?
  14. Hello Everyone, Here is my scenario: 1. My current H1B stamping (went to Vancouver, Canada) on my passport is until September 2017 2. My current I-94 is valid until March 2017 as my current passport gets expired in March 2017 So, the CBP officer in Vancouver gave me my I-94 until the last date of my passport which is until March 2017 Question: I have renewed my Indian passport and got it till 2026 I have applied for my H1B extension and I got it approved till 2019. The I94 in the new I797 has the dates till 2019 Should I go out of the the country in March 2017 to get a new I-94 which will be issued until September 2017 (as I have my stamping till then) I know I need to go for my visa stamping after Sept 2017 Can I stay in the country after March 2017 as I have my new H1 petition or Can i go to Canada to extend my I94 till September 2017? Please reply Thanks
  15. Hi, I've got my visa stamping done at Vancouver and it is valid until April 2017(according to I 94) Now I changed my employer and got H1B approved until May 2016 I'm going to India in a week. Should I attend the visa interview again with new employer H1B documents? If not, what all documents I should be carrying Thanks and Regards