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  1. mjdeep

    Visa interview dec 1st ottawa

    thanks this is f1-h1 i got my loomis waybill number yesterday at 5, i picked my passport today Dec 3rd
  2. mjdeep

    221G white slip for F1-H1 @ Ottawa 2nd Dec

    my friend also has same case email me on my email address its in my profile. he wants to talk to you about the same.
  3. after initial document check up and finger print went to interview questions asked 1. who do you work for? 2. from when do you work for them? 3. what do you do for them? visa approved. no documents asked, interview lasted for 15 secs tops. good luck everyone.
  4. Please provide your details in your profile
  5. mjdeep

    Visa question help

    oh yeah i understand that. but if VO asks me if this is my first H1 what should my answer be?
  6. mjdeep

    Visa question help

    I got my H1 in oct 2013 with emp A, I moved to emp B in Apr 2014. So am i on my first H1 or second H1?
  7. mjdeep

    What consulate do I need to prefer

    lol bad question to ask here..now you will see some senior members come and bash you about consulate shopping and will ask you to go to your home country. its your preference, your choices and your convenience don't make decisions based on their nag. you have choice to go to canada or india for stamping, you can choose any consulate based on your convenience. stamping rate depends on your case and documentation you carry. make a wise decision
  8. mjdeep


    congrats both of you
  9. mjdeep

    221g at Ottawa NOV 17 F1 to H1B

    oh okay man.. its gonna be fine.. please keep us posted
  10. mjdeep

    221g at Ottawa NOV 17 F1 to H1B

    can you please tell us your university and your masters program?
  11. mjdeep

    H1 stamping in Ottawa,Canada Nov 24 2014

    I have updated my profile with my email. can you please email me and then we can exchange contact info
  12. mjdeep

    H1 stamping in Ottawa,Canada Nov 24 2014

    Hi sxj0701, can we get in touch. I have booked my flight on 21st too..
  13. Thank you jairichi, I thought the same. But i just wanted to know if that was true, thanks for sharing.
  14. Firstly I thought this was a professional forum and we are not allowed to use words like **** etc, secondly its upto an individual where he wants to go get stamped. We are not illegal immigrants. As per US consulate they gave us an option that we could attend the interview in jamaica or canada (in old days mexico), and we are just using it. We are not breaking any law. If we were to be at fault, it would not be a fault at all. Its like choosing to go eat a fast food instead of waiting an hr at a restaurant. Btw I am pretty sure, well you can keep saying all you want. Not a single person who reads your comments care about them because you don't share information you try to intimidate. That is not going to work sir, and yeah if you think people will stop looking for a new consulate to get stamped then you are dreaming. Please look at my reply above. Both of you guys, people are not at fault here. They had an option to use and they used it.