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  1. Varatha

    My passport impounded in India

    My dad din't lie. The issue here is I've gone through an agent and given my native address unknowingly as I was in a hurry. On police verification my dad had said I worked in bangalore and sent onsite currently residing there. So an adverse report has been sent stating the person works in abroad but have given native address for last one year address proof. It is completely my fault due to ignorance and nothing intentional. No I am looking for suggestions to solve this issue? Can the embassy be of any help in this matter ?
  2. Varatha

    My passport impounded in India

    Hi Aarya, I am exactly facing the same issue as of yours. Basically I work in Ireland. I've applied for re-issue of passport in Coimbatore passport office with my native address and in post police verification my dad told that I've worked in Bangalore which has failed the verification and an adverse report was sent to passport office. Now my passport has been impounded under section 10(3)(b). I am completely clueless and afraid to travel back to India and to surrender the passport as I've the risk of losing the job if the re-verification has delayed . I'd like to know what has happened in your case. Any information would be of great help Thanks for reading, Varatha