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  1. cricketmovies

    Help reg. Visa Appointment

    I would suggest going as a family always has better chances. Just my opinion based on mine as well as others' experience. Good luck!
  2. I was in a similar situation like you had appeared for my stamping this week and got an approval without any issue. Good luck.
  3. cricketmovies

    H1B-visa stamping at hyderabad

    Employer name, Number of employees, Years of experience, qualification and thats it.
  4. Hi All, I had my visa interview at Hyderabad consulate today. It was amazingly cool and was with an American male VO. The list of questions I was asked are as below: VO: Who has filed your H1B petition? Me: Gave employer's name VO: How many employees does your employer have? Me: Gave the number VO: What is your educational qualification? Me: Told my qualification. VO: How many years of experience do you have in total? Me: XX number of years VO: Ok, your visa is approved!! Me: Thanks and have a great day! I had all my supporting documents handy, but not a single document was asked. I did not have an amended H1, though my LCA was updated per the latest client location. Be confident, have all your documents ready and don't fear that Hyderabad consulate is rejecting applications. All the 20-30 people I've observed before me were all granted visas. Good luck!
  5. cricketmovies

    Stamping @Jamaica B1 to H1 Change of State anybody?

    Is that from any of the people you know? I am curious to know if they give any reason for the rejections as I strongly believe that every case is different in itself. Mind sharing more details please?
  6. Hi, I'm curious to learn if anybody has been successful in getting H1 stamping done at Jamaica where there was a change of Status involved from B1 to H1. In my case I had my H1B first, worked for a couple of years in the US. Then I went back to India and came back on B1 visa (got 229g in Hyderabad when I had applied for B1, approved after 9 months). Once I came back to US my employer filed for a change of status to H1B, which got approved for 3 years but I did not go for my stamping. Now I have got my extension of H1B (I797) for 3 more years and hence plan to go to Jamaica for my stamping. I have not heard of many cases of B1 to H1B stamping in Jamaica. I would appreciate if you guys can share your experience about yourself or any of your friends in this regard. Thanks.
  7. cricketmovies

    H1B Stamping in Jamaica - 221g Pink Slip to Visa Stamp

    Hi, Did you say that the other guy who got a 221g was denied his visa? I am interested in getting some more details about the success rate of COS (Change of Status) cases from B1 to H1B in Jamaica. I appreciate your help in advance. Abdul.
  8. cricketmovies

    B1/B2 changed to H1B

    Hey, What did you end up doing? I am in the same situation as you and am interested in knowing how it went. Appreciate your help in advance.
  9. cricketmovies

    H1B stamping on October 14th at Jamaica

    Hi, I have my stamping on 14th Oct too in Jamaica. Please reply back to my email id so that we can communicate further. Thanks.
  10. cricketmovies

    Stamping @Jamaica Nov 10-14 Anybody else?

    Sent you an email. Please check your gmail.
  11. Anybody going to Jamaica between November 10-14th? Please reply if you would like to make travel/accomodation plans. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have my interview scheduled on the morning of November 10th. If anybody else have their interview scheduled on the same week, please contact so that we could make travel/accomodation plans together. I'm travelling from Texas. Thanks.