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  1. eskinos

    PERM Denial Question - help

    Hi There - Recently my PERM was denied. I have an engineering degree and MBA. My attorney stated the PERM was denied stating that 'I did not have an engineering degree to satisfy the job requirements'. This is a mistake and I am not sure if it is my attorney's mistake or processing officer's mistake. I have two options now. My employer is ready to apply for an appeal or submit a new application. My current priority date is June 2015. My H1B is valid through Jan 2017. What should I do?
  2. Hi There, My wife is currently in an H4 visa. A consultancy company applied for her H1B visa and it is currently under RFE. My wife needs to travel to India in December for personal reasons and return in January. She can also leave earlier if it makes it easier for the visa. Her employer is flexible. Can you please help with the following questions: 1. Does she have to go for an H1B stamping in India ? 2. Is there any option to return on her current H4 stamping and start her employment later in January once she is back? Her current H4 is stamped till 2015. 3. If she does not get on a client project, will she have issues at the embassy? What are some suggestions to avoid this? Thanks again for your help in advance. Please add any details that would help her case.
  3. eskinos

    H1B under RFE & Travel Plans to India

    Thanks for your response. Yes employer is willing to do the filing. Is that the $300 COS filing fee or is there additional USCIS fee? Also, I am assuming that she can start working once the COS is approved.
  4. eskinos

    H1B under RFE & Travel Plans to India

    Can she leave the country now and apply for a new COS when she enters US back in January? This way she can enter with her H4. Assuming her H1 will be approved and won't start until we get the new COS approved in January. Thanks again for your help in advance. Please add any details that would help