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  1. engineerece

    VISA Interview at Jamaica October 27 or 28

    @ kranthi5172 Please connect with @utep712: Its better to hook up with people who have it on 29th. Your plans will match up. I am specifically looking for people for Oct 26th WEEK.
  2. engineerece

    VISA Interview at Jamaica October 27 or 28

    @Harikrish878: I am unable to see your email. Can you see mine in me profile? @KumarOM: Sent email to your yahoo. @utep712: Its better to hook up with people on 29th.
  3. I almost got a place....let me know your plan
  4. I am interested. Please contact me at ***************
  5. To my knowledge. Answer is NO
  6. Hello friends, If you have interview on Oct 27th and are trying to find accommodation at Kingston. Please let me know. Thanks, G
  7. engineerece

    Visa Appt Nov 4th at Jamaica. Anybody else?

    @ kkrkI am unable to get your contact details. Check my profile see if you can see the email to reply. Thanks
  8. I am interested . But, I am planning 3 to 7 or 8th...not sure. I have it on 4th ************@gmail.com
  9. If you have Visa appointment on Nov 4th at Jamaica. Please let me know. Thank you, Girish