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  1. I am not going for stamp at this time due to wife pregnancy and risk of 221g admin process , incase safe side.. no I don't want to take risk at this time..
  2. H4renewal

    visa stamping during pregnancy (5th Month)

    my personal suggestion.. avoid stamping, I am also avoiding for my wife H4 visa stamping now she is 6th month already and avoiding to Go Canada for stamping.. Reason is just 221g with "Admin process" any time, many people suggested and also told hide pregnancy during "First time" stamping, or renewal time.. just Think "Admin Process" if arrived and lets assume if that process will take 4 to 5months... you can not travel at that stage.. you must have to born baby in India. that means your baby will be Indian citizen not USA citizen by birth.. I hope you understand the difference between " baby Born in India" and baby Born in USA.. once your baby born in India, you have to apply for H4 stamping and same story for stamping etc. This is my personal matter so, I am avoiding now... decision is yours.
  3. Rahul, I know one Lady from Delhi she went Toronto for H4 stamping. Visa officer asked her to they want to verify I-797 of her with USCIS this might will take 2months to 3months and VO asked that do you have accommodation to stay this long in Canada, she asked VO to withdraw and same Toronto consulate return her passport and I-797 original. as per her, she never went for stamping after that, this was in June 2013 and I know her well, that's why I am asking this query here. This is the H4 stamping she also surprised because same thing many people told her you will not get return once VO asked for 221g normally, so how she got back her documents and returned back by road on same day without stamping, and VO allowed her to withdraw her application. she lost fees that ok.. but this is happen rarely.
  4. But Based on what VO issue Admin process 221g? any idea or detailed reason?
  5. H4renewal

    May1st, Vancouver BC, 221(g)

    but based on what VO issue Admin process 221g? any strong details?
  6. as you wrote left Canada after 221g? where? back to USA for work during 221g?
  7. H4renewal

    h1b renewal stamping in canada

    Thanks a lot... Great.. do we know before going to stamping that my application will go Admin processing or not? any idea..
  8. H4renewal

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    I seen many people wasting visas.. I seen many aged people stamped it and never visited. I know couple of Indian Government high post people get family based visa but never traveled. this is called waste of visa in this quota. some are entered in USA but not stay more than 2 moths.. why these people wast family based GC program VISA??
  9. K.K , Coming back from Canada no need visa stamp of H1B, that you need Canada Visa, valid I-797 and I94 to travel Canada and return to USA. I visited Canada without stamp of H1B from Rainbow bridge with valid Canada TRV visa and I797 I 94 with my passport only , my visa expired already many years ago. From India you need Valid visa but from Canada you don't need H1B valid or any stamp for USA visa until you have valid Canada is different story... that's why I am choosing canda instead of india if I can withdraw my application if any issue... For example : My point is if I request VO assume incase VO says your case needs admin processing wait 1month and contact after 1 month, return your passport but not original I-797, and later Issue 221g... shall I request do not process for visa or any admin process, please I want to withdraw my application and return original documents with I797, passport? etc.. so, I can travel back to USA and work. No need stamping & want to withdraw application.. is it possible?? my point is might be unique but imagine if possible you can travel back to USA from Canada... please give your suggestion friends, this can be help me and many others..
  10. Got it.. if something wrong lets assume they issue 221g or says admin process, I know admin process will take months, shall I ask to return all documents and no need stamping if not smooth stamping? Lets say no need visa return back to USA I dont want to go travel india.. no need stamping.. and back to USA? is it possible.. if consulate issue visa than OK but any delay shall I ask to cancel stamping and return my documents and no need stamping.. just back to USA work. My trip is not more important for me. if I get stamping I want to travel India just for religious functions there... nothing more serious matter to visit just for 10days maximum..
  11. H4renewal

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    I understand but that applies only for Indians citizens. that not make sense..
  12. I have no home at VAPI now , back to MP so, cant go Mumbai for visa stamping... I am not looking best or not best. might be you from same town or from Mumbai so easy for you. but my family now in MP, so, now I am thinking go to Canada Toronto.. because Toronto is close to me.. is it must to go home country? because from my home MP to Mumbai I cant travel and time is 2weeks only for vacation with kids 3years old girl and 1year old boy. please let me know that if I go Toronto Embassy can accept my file or not?
  13. H4renewal

    h1b renewal stamping in canada

    so, there were rules not better to go home is it "must" to go home country? better and must are not same.. please clarify... I am from MP and all embassy's are too far.. very tough to travel 1000+ km's by train. I am very close to Toronto if there were no rules but if we have reason like cant travel 1000+km with kids, my travel plan just for 2 weeks not more than that allowed by employer. so, please help accurately. anyone from lawyer group?
  14. H4renewal

    Visa Bulletin Developments

    if system is faster moving clean no need to blame and yes you and me will be free to talk about GC and priority dates. if you observe why only all forums full of EB2 EB3 Indian applicants query only.. why others are not asking more query? because they all set for PD is current or no more waiting time. so, system is faulty with keyword = "Indian citizens", rest world "Welcome to USA".
  15. H4renewal

    Visa Bulletin Developments

    Many people here over 40+ applied EB3 I am not new. but system is not good, I am not new to blame system.. many here.