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  1. I am a US citizen and plan to sponsor GC for my sister under the F4 category. I would be filing her I-130 but I-485 would be filed after 15-20 years when the Priority Date for F4 category for India becomes current. I have two queries. 1. Would she be able to travel to USA using her B1 tourist visa (which is a non-immigrant visa) during this 15-20 year wait time? 2. If her son decides to apply for higher education in US universities, then would there be any impact on his F1 non-immigrant student visa approval, given that an I-130 was filed for her mother. Could he be denied a visa during his visa interview because the consular officer may see an intent to immigrate ?
  2. Hi, On the USCIS website: http://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-proc... in the last para it is written: "When adjudicating concurrent filings, the determination of eligibility for the immigrant visa petition is made first. If a visa number remains available for the immigrant classification and the Form I-485 is approvable (which in certain cases requires an interview) USCIS will generally consider the adjustment application at the same time. Separate decision notices will be sent for both forms." Does it mean that one can get a GC sooner if one goes for concurrent filing of I-140 [with premium processing] and I-485? Can one really bypass all the others who have their AOS applications pending for several months just by doing a concurrent filing and premium processing of I-140? Can anyone share their experience with concurrent filing of I-140 [with premium processing] and I-485? Thanks.