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  1. Hi there, I have a complicated case. I applied for I-140 Eb1-A petitioned by company A and I received a NOID from USCIS while I was on EAD. In the meanwhile, I got a job offer from company B and they applied for O-1 visa and it got approved. So, I moved to company B but I am still on EAD. Since I moved to company B, my attorney from company A is no longer representing me since I am not with company A anymore. We had to respond to the NOID within 30 days, so I consulted my attorney at company B and I was recommended to respond to USCIS directly. So, within 30 days, I responded to USCIS. But, I am the beneficiary and not the petitioner. It has been 70 days and I haven't received any updated from USCIS on my case. Will USCIS honor my response to the NOID? I tried calling the USCIS about an update to my case since 60 days have passed but USCIS responded to my service request that the petitioner has to contact them. What can I do? My EAD is expiring this month and I need to decide if I should move over to O-1 visa to stay in status before my EAD expires. Please share your thoughts.
  2. Hi all, I am currently on EAD since I applied for I-140 (green card). My I-140 is pending and my EAD expires 4/30/2016. I also have O-1 visa approved for 3 years and I already got the O-1 visa stamped in my Indian passport during my recent trip to India. When I returned to US most recently from India, I used AP at the port of entry instead of my O-1 visa since my I-140 is pending. Now, since my EAD is expiring, I wish to transfer to O-1 visa. The plan is to drive to Mexico and return back on my O-1 visa. My question is: Is there a minimum timelimit as to how long I can stay out of the country before I can return back to USA. I mean can I just drive to Mexico, make a U-turn and get back to USA or should I stay overnight before I can return back? Also, is an any disadvantage in driving there as opposed to flying there. Also, I don't have a Mexican visa - I see that I don't need a Mexican visa since I have a valid US visa, but that is another topic. Please let me know if anyone had any personal experience with re-entering the USA - anticipated problems or precautions you took. Please share your thoughts.
  3. Hi there, I received a NOID and we mailed out our package with evidence to USCIS via UPS last night. However, I missed including 4 important documents (3 letters from editors and 1 letter from a reputed faculty). Is there a way I can send these additional documents to USCIS? I think these documents could increases my chances of approval by 20%. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks, SK
  4. Hi, I am currently on H1B visa that is expiring in 4 days. I applied for Eb1a through my lawyer and received an EAD. But we havent sumitted the supporting documentation yet. In the meanwhile, I have been planning to apply for O-1 as a safety net from a different company that is willing to offer employment as well. My question is: 1. Do we have to submit the supporting documentation for EB1-a before the H1B expires? 2. Do, I have to apply for O-1 before my H-1B expires? In other words, if my H1B expires in 4 days, will I no longer be eligible to apply for O-1 visa? Please help. THanks.