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  1. Thank you! Sorry all... my question I think was little bit misleading..what I meant was that can my future employer who has my perm apply for I140 and then do a h1 transfer? And for i140 is there any need for any kind of experience documentation from my previous employer talking about experience..
  2. Thanks for responses all! Can i file I140 working with current employer? I have heard I will have to provide proof of my experience along with I140 which I might not be able to provide as I am still working with my first and only employer. Are there any alternatives? Thanks
  3. Hi My Future employer has filed PERM and it should get approved soon. I have around 2 months left for my H1 completion. Can I do a H1 transfer to the new employer and get a 1 year extension with the approved PERM? Or is it a must that I have to get my I140 approved and then apply for a transfer? As I am not yet part of the new employer, will my i140 be a challenge? Any help on this scenario is much appreciated. Thanks! Regards