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  1. Hello everyone, I am working for an employer X and they have filed my H1b amendment for my current project in July 2015. Now I am planning to change my employer before getting an update from USCIS regarding my H1b amendment. I have heard in some forums that in recent times USCIS is issuing RFE's for those going for an employer(Y) change prior to the approval of H1b amendment. When I reached my new employer(Y) with this information, they updated me as long as client letter is submitted, we are fine to proceed on H1b transfer. Appreciated if someone could provide some insights on this which best suits my situation. Thanks in advance. JK
  2. JKReddy

    Got 221g. Please help me

    Thanks Jairichi and Kumar. May I know if I send such email copy, how much will it help overcome my problem. @SairamVenkat Chennai consulate
  3. JKReddy

    Got 221g. Please help me

    Hi all, I was given blue slip(221g) during visa interview and this is my first application. I was asked to send pdf copies of client letter and other supporting docs. And now my client is not willing to share client letter. So I have not responded and I could see my current status as Administrative Processing from past 45 days. Can you please let me know on this. How many days do I have time to respond and if at all I couldn't respond what would be my case. Is there any chance for my petition to be revoked as I have not responded? Thanks Jai
  4. JKReddy

    H4 to H1 status change issue?

    Also can I go for a different employer for a status change in US?
  5. Hi, I have H4 stamping on my passport and my H1b petition got approved recently. My H1b project is an EVC type model and I don't have my client letter.(And even I may not get the same before starting of my project). Can you please suggest me whether to go for H1b stamping or travel to US on my H4 and go for a status change as I have heard that consulate asks for a client letter during the interview. Also heard that H4 to H1 status change still has chance of getting RFE. If at all should I go for H1b stamping what might be my option other than client letter. Thanks in advance JK