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  1. Sorry to hear about your refusal. Well said us2014 and rahul412. I was in the same boat in 2011 at Hyderabad. Got rejected due to fraud employer. Changed my employer and THANK GOD in US now. Going to home country is always THE BEST option for H1B stamping. I appreciate all motivating comments everywhere from rahul412b and jairichi to go to home country. I was really confused about the same as I am now planning for my H1b renewal stamping ( 2nd time). For a week , I was very frustrated on where to do. After reading all posts, I concluded I need to plan to my home sweet home ( Hyderabad ) for stamping! If you have good documentation and a reputed employer , you can get your visa stamped anywhere. As there is no certainity of getting your passport back real quick , always better to go to home so you can atleast have quality time with your loved ones. My cents.!!! All the best all.
  2. 14star

    H1 B visa stamping 9th year with EAD/AP

    Very valid and important point - thank you very much again for sharing this information.
  3. Very helpful post. Thank you very much rakeshmf.
  4. 14star

    H1 B visa stamping 9th year with EAD/AP

    Makes sense now. Thank you very much LPM. I will try to follow the same until my I485 is approved. I hope there won't be any issues if we can have H1B and EAD both in active state at the same time. Would you please share those reasons to maintain H1B until we get 485 approved? Thanks much. Your reply was very helpful.
  5. 14star

    Successful visa stamping at Jamaica on Aug 19

    Many Many Congratulations sudheer339. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I am planning to go along with family. Would you please let me know if kids under 2 ( US citizens) are allowed in the consulate? My aim is to give interview together along with my spouse and in no case I can leave my kid outside with someone. Kindly provide your feedback on this piece and guide to anyone who may know this query. Congrats again. Have a good one.
  6. Thank you very much LPM and rkunnath1985 for your prompt replies. I really appreciate it. @LPM - where in Mexico please? @rkunnath1985 - I know this may be a weird question. Was that kid a US citizen if you came to know by any chance? I understand it would be very expensive to take family there, but for peace of mind and well-planned vacation, I may end up spending $$$ to get the visa.
  7. 14star

    Calling Toronto H1-B July stamps

    Hi All, Kindly share your visa interview experience. I am hoping you all got your visas stamped by now -:)
  8. 14star

    calling Toronto h1b July 20 week

    Please share Toronto Visa interview experience.
  9. Hi All, Please share your Visa stamping interviews at Toronto. It would be really helpful.
  10. 14star

    Toronto visa stamping

    Hi Soumen6829, Would you please share your Visa interview experience?
  11. 14star

    H1 B visa stamping 9th year with EAD/AP

    I have a Very naive question to ask. When you have your EAD/ AP - why do you need H1B Visa stapming? I heard once you have EAD , there is no need for H1B Visa stamping. I am a newbie and may be wrong. Please shed light.
  12. Hi All, This is my first ever post in this forum. I have read alot and would like to extend my special thanks to Advance members (jairichi , rahul412) for their precious time and valuable posts. They have been really helpful in all cases so far. I am planning to visit India in Sept or Oct. All my friends went to Jamaica for stamping and they are advising me to do the same. They are suggesting me to go alone, get my stamping done and have my spouse stamping done at Hyderabad. After reading numerous posts from our respected Advance members, I came to a conclusion that wherever you go, have your paper work in tact, be confident and you will succeed. With that being said , I want to take my spouse along with me wherever I go. Hearing Jamaica is turning good for everyone so far , I thought of going there and trying my luck. I am open to go anywhere otherwise. I have 3 options running in my mind and I am a bit confused. Option 1 – My home town ( Hyderabad) Option 2 – Near by place in my home country ( Chennai) Option 3 – Jamaica Hyderabad – chances are fine, but they are giving white slips for admin processing. There is no time-frame for admin process ( ofcourse, it depends from case to case). This is just a trend I have seen. Chennai – chances are pretty good.They are giving blue slips , but visa is issued after a month in most cases Jamaica – 99% success rate. All my colleagues are going there and none had any issues so far. Visa is issued with in 2 days or 5 days. Please help in answering my query and provide your valuable feedback. Appreciate your time and timely response.