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  1. senndn

    H4 EAD checkist verification

    Hi Advanced Members/Attorneys, Iam about to submit my wife's I765 aspplication .I have verified the USCIS website,yet I would like to make sure I have everything in the package. 1) Filled i765 form 2) Filled Form G-1145 3) copy of I94 (both H1and H4 from USCIs website) 4) copy of I797 approval notice of H1B 5) copy of I140 approval notice of H1B 6) Indian driving license copy of H4 7) 2 photographs with Name and I94 # written on the backside 8) Personal check for $380 9) Passport copy with stamped pages of both H1 and H4 visa holders 10) copy of Marriage certificate 11) ITN of H4 visa holder (Just in case)
  2. senndn

    H4 EAD requirement

    Thank you..
  3. senndn

    H4 EAD requirement

    Thanks jairichi .. Yes her i94 is valid until April 2017. Do we need to send her old i797 approval of i539 also i.e. The one valid until March 31 2015?
  4. senndn

    H4 EAD requirement

    Hi Members/Attorneys, I am currently planning to file H4 EAD to my wife . Checklist shows she need to send latest I797, approval of I539. My wife has the I797(approval of I539) valid until March 31 2015 but she got the stamping till April 2017 with my H1 approval notice.So her I-94 valid till May 2017. Iam also sending my H1 I-797 notice and both of our I-94 with Are we good with this supporting documents or I need to file I539 extension for my wife with this application ?
  5. Did anyone received approval who applied at the same time ?
  6. Hi, Did anyone know when the appointments will be open in Vancouver CA ? I see in website says no dates from June to August. Thanks,
  7. Hi, My receipt notice for H1 transfer was received on April 24 and its still in Intial review.Do you know how long it take its been more than 4 months now? Pls let me know if you are in same situation .