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  1. SuperCool67

    Travel wife on EAD AP stay duration

    thanks for your reply. Booked the tickets for October ?
  2. Guys, my wife is currently in India. We went on March 2016 and I came back on April. Basically, our AOS is pending and EAD AP combo card is expiring on Dec 2016. I am preparing docs to file the renewal. My wife is planning to come back on September since the EAD is expiring. Not sure how long can she stay there? Since, It is more than 6 months can she stay until mid October? Any advice is very much appreciated.
  3. I am having a strange situation. My GC is processing on EB3 category on ROW. Basically, I filed I140 & I485 non concurrent. First I received RFE on I140 then once replied by my employer it got approved end of March 2016. I saw the the status as case is approved. But after about 5 days the status changed to case sent to department of state for visa processing. First question is my I140 still pending? I filed I485 on october 2015 via lawyer. Received fingerprint mail and got EAD AP in 2 months.On April 2016 the case was sent to texas service center status saying, new office has jurisdiction over this case. My priority date is Sept 2014. I don't know what is going on with my application? Haven't seen any change on status after that. Folks on ROW are getting GC in half on my time frame. May be because of filling concurrent. Talked to my lawyer, said raised SR with USCIS but no update yet. Anyways, not sure if I can do anything to check my status or anything else? EAD expiring in 4 months. Or someone on same boat? Any advice is highly appreciated.
  4. SuperCool67

    I-140 approved H-1b extention

    Thanks for your reply. I was planning to use EAD to work, shall I ask them for new I-9 form? You are right I can submit the document, but the thing is to get that document it will be little bit more work and time consuming on my side.
  5. SuperCool67

    I-140 approved H-1b extention

    My case is as follows - My I-140 was recently approved and I believe the I-485 will move forward now. I already received the EAD with AP around 3 months back, it has the validity for one year, and priority date is current. However, my employer filed my H-1b extension and they receive a RFE last week, and want some document from my side. They are saying it is must otherwise I will be out of status. Do I need to still maintain the H1-B? I am assuming I am on EAD status. Please advice.
  6. SuperCool67

    EAD with AP, I-140 RFE

    I am a contract worker and currently visiting my family in my country. I've already done with fingerprinting process for i485 and received EAD with AP card for 1 year which is expiring on dec 2016. However, my I-140 got RFE (on dec 2015), upon inquiring to my employer they are saying its about ability to pay. My 2 weeks holiday is until today and because of a emergency family matter I have to stay 2 more weeks and got tickets too. I asked my employer about it, but they are saying they are not going to submit RFE response if i stay longer, and my i140 will be denied. I contacted the client manager as well for additional leave via email but no response yet. I don't know if I am still on the project or not. Worried about traveling on my EAD at this situation, since h1b has expired as well. What is the best bet on this scenario? Any input is highly appreciated.
  7. SuperCool67

    140 approved (eb3) and H1B extension

    My labor is approved 2 months back. I was on vacation on whole month of March, went to india. Now Im back to work from April 15. My employer is saying they cannot file the I-140 because I dont have the recent two paystubs. Im fling on EB-3 category. I do have all last year paystubs and for this year till feb. Do i really need to wait until June for filing? Please let me know.
  8. Thanks Vijay for your response. mine is on oct 28, so ill be getting there on sunday 26th around afternoon. please let me know if anyone is interested so that we can share accomodation in walking distance from the location. my email is not my user id. plz reply on this post so that i can contact you asap.
  9. I sent u an emai lon sum4105 on gmail plz check
  10. you guys can call me at two oh two five five six one zero six one..
  11. vijay567 and sum4105, i sent emails to both of u guys, i assume gmail. plz resond to me soon.
  12. Sum4105 I just send you an email.. i hope it comes to you
  13. sam989 please resond on this forum asap
  14. Sam989 is your email yahoo or gmail.. I will send you and email.
  15. Hi Vijay, I sent you an email please respond to that.