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  1. Can you all please share your visa experiences.
  2. kranthi5172

    H1b visa question.

    Do we need to have a driving license from the state were we are working ?I am working in Michigan and my driving license is from California ,But i have a change of address updated in California DMV site and i have a address updated card from California with my Michigan address on it ..Does it cause any issue?
  3. I have a appointment on 29 Oct.You can mail me.You can find my mailID in my profile.
  4. kranthi5172

    Stamping @Jamaica Oct 28 to Nov 1 Anybody else?

    I Cannot see your email.Can you send me a mail to my emailID.You can find my email id in my profile.So that we can discuss more.
  5. kranthi5172

    VISA Interview at Jamaica October 27 or 28

    Can you please mail me you phone number or You can find my mail id in my profile,I have a appointment on 29 Oct.I am looking for accommodation from Oct 28 to Nov 1.
  6. Hi, I have my interview scheduled on the morning of Oct 29. If anybody else have their interview scheduled on the same week, please contact so that we could make travel/accomodation plans together. Thanks.
  7. You need to have a passport valid for next 6 months.
  8. kranthi5172

    Available Dates for Jamaica

    Latest Available date is Nov 10.Let me know if you need any help regarding dates.You can find my email id on my profile to contact me .
  9. kranthi5172

    Stamping @Jamaica Nov 10-14 Anybody else?

    Me and my friend coming to Jamaica on Nov 11 .We will be staying in Jamaica until Nov 15.Send me a mail with phone number so that we can discuss more.
  10. Hi all, I'm coming to Jamaica on November 11th and leaving on November -14. Is any one travelling to Jamaica during that time for Visa stamping so that we can share the accommodation. Please let me know. Appreciate your help! -Thanks
  11. kranthi5172

    Stamping @Jamaica Nov 10-14 Anybody else?

    Mail me your phone number ,So that we can discuss more.
  12. Hi pmiryala515. You can send message to the mail which is present in my profile. So that we can talk more.
  13. HI raji, You can find my mail ID by going to my profile.Let me know if you have any problems finding my maild in my profile. Thanks, Kranthi.
  14. you can contact me through my profile.I have my my mailid in my profile. you can send mail to my gmail . Thanks, KranthiYellu
  15. Yeah i would like to share . I dont know how to contact you .