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  1. pk2014

    I94 extension/renewal cost

    jairichi and omshiv, thank you very much for your responses. Well I thought so myself; just wanted to know what the experienced folks thought about this. Back in 2013, when they had filed for my H1B, I had told them that my passport is going to expire in another year. But I coudn't get my passport renewed at that time because there was more than a year for it's expiry - and we cannot renew the passport more than a year before it's scheduled expiry date. They didn't mention anything about this being an issue with them; and were infact pretty cool about it saying that it's easier to get the passport renewed in US. However, they didn't mention anything about the I94 renewal situation. Now they are saying that it's better to make a re-entry than extend/renew it; and although they haven't explicitly said that I will have to bear the expenses, the *indications* are definitely towards it. Hence wanted to ascertain the facts surrounding it before going back to them. If at all it comes down to my taking care of it; I would rather get the i94 renewed by visiting Canada. Thanks again! PK
  2. pk2014

    I94 extension/renewal cost

    Anyone with any info on this please? Especially from folks whose I94 was filed for an extension/renewal by their employer... Thanks, PK
  3. Hi guys, I have an H1B visa valid till 2016, but my I94 is set to expire in November 2014 because of my passport expiry. If at all I am not able to get the i94 renewed by making a re-entry, who has to bear the renewal/extension fee? Me or my employer? They are telling me the cost is around USD 3000. Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated. Thanks, PK
  4. pk2014

    I94 extension near Niagara

    Hi morekuzambu, I am in a similar situation myself; just that in my case its my own electronic i94 which is expiring this November. Even I did a lot of research on this but I haven't found anyone with an electronic i94 share their experience on renewing it. I am located in NY-NJ area, and I am doubtful if any CBP officer would agree to help out; so am thinking about either going to Toronto by flight or going to the Rainbow Bridge. I still don't have my renewed passport yet after which I would be applying for a Canada visa. But would definitely help if someone with an electronic i94 recounts their experience. Were you able to get your job done by the way? If yes, can you share your experience please? Thanks