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  1. Hi I filed my H4 EAD application with a previous I94 number and now I received a new I94. How I can update my current H4 EAD application with latest I94 number ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi All, My H1B was approved on Oct 2014 and I used 3 years of my H1B, then during 2017 I changed to H4 and stayed in USA until now. So I am beyond the 6 years from my H1B date of approval, but I didn't use all my 6 years in H1B, since I changed to H4. Is it possible to file for H1B visa again with CAP exempt with my old H1B approved petition ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I switched my employer this week and H1B transfer is pending since it was filed in regular (non premium). Can my new employer start my GC processing while my transfer is pending? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I switched to Company B last year and my previous employer A didn't terminate my H1B visa yet and didn't provide me relieving/experience letter and running zero dollar pay stub every month till date. Question: 1) Does non termination of H1B from Company A will affects my visa stamping with Company B ? 2) Zero dollar pay stub causes any problem ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi All, My employer A filed h1b extension a month ago and now I got a new offer from other employer B. 1) Is it possible to file a H1B transfer by employer B while my extension is in progress? 2) If my extension with employer A goes to RFE, even is it possible file for transfer with employer B ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Nithya Mani

    H1B Transfer RFE

    Thanks a lot everyone for responding to my query. One more dumb question, what will happen if company B (new employer who filed my visa transfer) refused to cancel my transfer ?
  7. Nithya Mani

    H1B Transfer RFE

    Thanks a lot for all your response.
  8. Nithya Mani

    H1B Transfer RFE

    Hi All, I am working for company A and got an offer from company B . Company B filed my H1B visa transfer in premium and it's status is in RFE. And I would like to stay back in company A now. Questions: 1. Can I ask company B to cancel my transfer now ? 2. Cancelling my transfer while its in RFE will affect my visa status anyhow?
  9. Nithya Mani

    H4 transfer with valid H1

    Thanks for your response jairichi and pontevecchio :)
  10. Nithya Mani

    H4 transfer with valid H1

    Hi, I am currently in USA with H4 visa, and I applied for H1B this April 2014 and got it approved with effective date of October 2014. Now my husband is applying for a H1B visa transfer with his new employer. Please advise on below Do I need to apply for H4 transfer along with my husband H1B visa transfer ? Applying for H4 transfer will affect my H1B petition ? Or I can stay in USA without applying for H4 transfer until my H1B validity starts (October 2014) ? Thanks in advance.