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  1. dr_virgoice

    Traveling back from Canada on I-94

    It's common for Chemical/ Pharma wherever you go. better you go home country
  2. dr_virgoice

    Ottawa Room Sharing from 16th

    Please contact me on my email listed in profile. thanks
  3. dr_virgoice

    Anyone going for H1b stamping in Ottawa on feb 18th?

    I have appointment on 17th. please contact me on email listed in my profile or A R P A N 1 0 7 A T G M
  4. dr_virgoice

    Need room sharing in Ottawa from 16th - 20th Feb

    please contact me through my profile email or A r P a N 1 0 7 a t g m
  5. dr_virgoice

    Ottawa room sharing - 16th - 20th Feb

    arpan107 at *************
  6. dr_virgoice

    Ottawa room sharing - 16th - 20th Feb

    I have appointment on 17th, I am arriving ottawa on 16th. please contact me at ************* gmail dot com
  7. search for I still have my I-94 or follow below linkhttps://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/752/~/i-still-have-my-i-94
  8. Hello Rakee and Raja, I have sent you email. My another email is in my profile.
  9. I am flying on 16th, and have visa date on 17th Feb. Anyone looking for sharing accommodation? My id is my email at yahoo dot com
  10. Yes, I have appointment on 17th, and flying on 16th. my id is my email at yahoo dot com
  11. Did you get appointment confirmation, and then got cancelled? OR Did they directly send cancellation email?
  12. dr_virgoice

    Next Available Date - Ottawa?

    its available immediately, follow http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/general/wait-times.html/ if you have not paid MRV fees, I am going on 16th, for 17th morning
  13. Sharan, Site upgrade is done, but still seems they are updating/ adjusting their limited schedules for each consulate separately.