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  1. mohanbabu400

    Birth Documentation Issues in the Green Card Process

    If a birth certificate does have just an Initial of the last name, will it cause any issues? Does providing an affidavit is suffice? Or any other suggestions?
  2. mohanbabu400

    I-140 Downgrades

    1) What qualifies for I-140 downgrades? 2) Can an employee having I-140 approved under EB2 qualifies for filing I-485 under Eb3 when Eb3 dates becomes current by downgrading I-140 to EB3?
  3. mohanbabu400

    A Silly but Tricky Issue

    Employee signature is required on the approved PERM application. So its original as you can find the expiry date of the PERM application on each page
  4. I am not sure if you can reuse the PERM in your case but PERM is valid only for certain period of time. You can see the expiry date on the approved PERM application if you got the copy of it. Its usually valid for 6 months or So.
  5. mohanbabu400

    Approved I 140 changing to new Employer

    1) Yes, you are eligible for 3 years and it doesn't mean that you will definitely get 3 years extension 2) No,No, No. Its new PERM so everything will be new and no reference to previous one 3) Yes 4) You can't apply I1485 with I140 from previous employer. I-140 should be approved with current employer to apply for I184 5) H1-EAD is based on valid ( not revoked) I-140 and it doesn't matter who the employer is 6) Yes , H4-EAD is still valid until expired a) Yes, until H4-EAD expired b) NO idea..
  6. 3) If new employer files in EB3, then you don't even think of getting current in the recent times, until unless there is a miracle which nobody is expecting. If in EB2, it depends on when your new employer starts your GC process, processing time of PERM etc. There is no short cut here other then waiting for the next train
  7. mohanbabu400

    I-140 revoked

  8. mohanbabu400

    H-4 EADs

    You can't apply for H4 EAD based on revoked I140
  9. mohanbabu400

    Job Change after I-140 Approved - Will I loose my PD

    1) NO 2) NO 3) NO NO and Yes ( experience letter) but can be obtained from former manager or colleague
  10. mohanbabu400

    How many days for filing I- 140 after PERM approval

    Should be filed before the certified PERM expires which is usually 6 months. You can check the expiry date on the certified PERM application
  11. mohanbabu400

    I140 experience docs not same as PERM

    This was from my attorney when i asked about experience letters "The ideal option is to obtain an experience letter from the employer which states that your were was full time and includes his title, start and end dates of employment and a detailed description of the duties, either signed by your former manager or the HR department. The second option would be a letter from a former manager that no longer works at the company which states that he was your manager at [name and address of company] and therefore has knowledge of his experience. The third option would be a letter from a former co-worker. Options two and three (especially option three) are accepted at the discretion of the USCIS and additional documentation should also be submitted such as evidence of attempts to obtain a letter from the employer, and their response, plus any other documentation to evidence he was employed at the company. If the former employer is willing to sign a letter just confirming your title and dates of employment which is then supplemented by a more detailed letter regarding his duties from a former manager, this would be acceptable." Hope your attorney should know this too
  12. i don't think that's an issue. I don't think anybody uses resume as reference. As long as the dates in the experience letters and perm applications matches, you are good.
  13. mohanbabu400

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    03/19/2015: Executive Departments Already Submitted Modernization Proposals to the White House This is a very good news. Informaton also indicates that the stakeholders may learn the details soon. Very good!
  14. mohanbabu400

    Labor filed with 1 year of H1-B expiration

    I assume the labor filed date is March 06, 2015 and not 2014. 1) If you have any re-capture time left ( like if you have traveled outside US during your 6 years of H1B and not captured already ), then this time can be used towards your 6 years of H1B time and hence you can come under 365 days rule 2) If option 1) is not available, then lot of people do travel outside US for certain period to get the recapture time, get H1B extension based on 365 days rule 3) Depending on the kid of company( Consultancy or Good-Standing product company) you work for, you might get into trouble if you travel in oct-nov as you need to prove employer-employee relations ship or work at clients etc to the customs officer. If you work for a good standing product based company, then the risk is very minimal to none. 4) As per the current processing times, its taking about 5 to 6 months and it might change by end of the year 5) There shouldn't be any issues when you go for stamping as long as you could provide all documents and company history is good
  15. mohanbabu400

    Deadline for PERM application

    Company policies are clueless in this matter. Screw that company and look for a better company.