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  1. Hi, Me and My wife have appointments on same day same time for H1B visa stamping. We both are on H1B status and work for different employers. Both are Full time employees for US based client. Can you please let us know if both of us need to go to SAME counter or we need to go to seperate counters. Thanks
  2. I am working in Company A and currently on OPT Extension cap gap (original opt expired on june 15th 2014). My H1B visa has been approved (sponsored by company A). It will be effective on Oct.1st. Now I got a much better job offer from company B, and need to join the new company in August 25th 2014 , will it be possible to join on August 25th ? and do I need to wait until I get my new H1B approved from company B ? and also Will it be possible to transfer my H1 visa from A to B with out H1B original start date ( Oct 1st)? and also one more thing is My h1b is recently approved and I don't have any pay checks run on my company A after I got H1b approved ? so would it be OK to transfer now or do I need to wait until oct 1st 2014 and then only do I need to apply for H1b transfer ? I am new to these things so please some one advice me . It would be a great help for me. Please understand and please reply ASAP as I don't have much time. Thanks in advance.
  3. can someone please reply
  4. Hi , Can someone please advise ASAP