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  1. 21April - Case is approved and Emailed. Many thanks to Jairichi and team. You were so helpful.
  2. Hi, I came here on H4 in Feb'15 and got a job, employer filed for CoS Premium cap exempt(as I have unused approved petition 3 years ago) March 20th - Petition received by USCIS April 1st - RFE emailed April 16th - RFE Response received by USCIS. But status shows that case should be updated again by June 15th. As it is premium, is the above date intended or default date for all cases? Will I get update by original 15 days PP timeline. Here is the status "On April 16, 2015, we received your response to our Request for Evidence for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number xxxxxxxxxx. Our Vermont Service Center office will begin working on your case again. We will mail you a decision or notify you if we need something from you. You should receive a decision or case update by June 15, 2015, unless fingerprinting or an interview are needed." Thanks.
  3. HydUser

    ** H1 Visa - Consulate issue **

    I have a suggestion forumman. If there is somebody you know in the old address as per your passport, try to re-new it with same address. No need of any address proof and it will be very easy to get passport. If you change the address passport might get delayed as it requires police verification. Otherwise BLR guys can attend in HYD without any issues.
  4. Hi, I am hearing something like even H4 require their own I797 to be filed filed by employer. Is it correct? Isn't my(H1B) I797 not enough? Is there any other special docs required for H4 from Petitioner or Employer? Thanks.
  5. HydUser

    Appointment dates in HYD?

    Earliest date available is dec 29th
  6. There is nothing to worry as long as your case is genuine. Alert your Employer/Client as they may receive verification calls or visits any time. And you just wait for a mail from CEAC which asks you to submit your passport. There is no time frame fixed for it.
  7. I have planned H4 stamping for my kid and wife on Dec 9th (that is earliest date available in Hyd) But I may travel to USA on Dec 4th as per project needs. How my presence in India during H4 matters? What do you guys suggest for smoother process? Background: I got my 1st time H1B approved in Oct'14 in Hyderabad. That time wife and kid couldn't accompany me due to passport process. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, sorry if it is a dumb question. But please clarify. Last week my stamping is done in Hyderabad with a passport valid till 2020. But there is a situation(to get my wife and kid passports) I have to apply for new passport to get spouse name added. In that case what is there any procedure to be followed? Do I need to inform USCIS regarding passport change? Do I need to ask Passport guys to mention any particulars in new passport? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I am writing from Hyderabad, India. I got my petition approved from employer A in 2011 and revoked in 2013 as I left A. Never appeared for stamping. So now I heard that it is merely luck if they can consider it as cap-exempt and we have to file for H1B and wait. If my employer files for cap-exempt H1, and in case if they don't consider it as cap-exempt, will the amount be refunded? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I was issued 221g on 22/Sept/14 saying "require Administrative Processing" with no other docs asked. All docs are with consulate except passport. After a week my client was contacted by USCIS asking for some clarifications and they responded immediately on 29th Sept. Still my case in Admin Processing with updated date as 22/Sept/14. I was writing to HydFPU asking for status twice but no update yet. Can my employer contact them in any special way asking for status? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I attended Hyderabad consulate on 22nd September. When he asked for work location, I made an error by telling it as Employer location. But as per LCA and offer letter its Client location. I got paid with 221g for that. Then he said the details are inconsitent and issued 221g. Otherwise documenation is very perfect. He didn't ask for any more documentation and said HydFPU will get in touch. They returned my passport and kept all Employer and Client documentation along with Original I797. What can I expect further? As of now my case is under "Administrative Processing"
  12. Rahul, can I do this when Administrative Processing in in progress? Can my new FT employer file new H1B under cap exempt?