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  1. Surin

    221g in Vancouver

    Here’s my summary: nov 14th interview at Vancouver. Was given an yellow slip. Had given my resume, i797. Was asked about my responsibilities and my masters degree. Got back my passport on dec 4th. Took 13 working days. 23rd was a holiday.
  2. Surin

    221g in Vancouver

    @jam26 @vj123 could you share details if you folks were fte/ evc etc? Also background is if you folks were engineers / scientists/ developers etc ? Thank you in advance
  3. Surin

    221g in Vancouver

    @random_immigrant any update with your case ?
  4. Surin

    221g in Vancouver

    anyone got their passports back? I had my interview on 14th, got a yellow slip, they only took my i797, resume and ds160. I kept my passport with me.
  5. Late night on 5 th or early in the morning on 6 th ur changed to delivered, I picked it up around 9am on 6 th.
  6. Interview on July 31st , aug 4th was holiday in Vancouver , got passport today 6th morning
  7. ,still in "issued" status here, had been in issued status on aug 1st. Aug 4th was a holiday here. Not sure when the status would change , can you tell us when your status changed from issued to delivered? and when was ur interview? thanks
  8. how long does it take to get the passport after we get the "issued" status in vancover or elsewhere?
  9. Not received yet, it's in issued status still. How about you folks?
  10. hi Swatina, i had my interview on 31st july , the interviewer did tell me about the system glich, she told me that it could take a week or more and said that i'd get an email when its ready. Thats all i know. Thanks