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  1. naumil/ram2014, Usually around 3 and 5 pm, the status gets updated. I think the problem of printing visa is solved, but it is slowly picking up. I attended interview on 28 July and got my pp on 08 Aug. I met one person whose interview was on 4 or 5 Aug and he collected PP on 08 Aug.
  2. Administrative processing
  3. The status for my PP shows issued. Anybody knows when it will reach loomis
  4. duu123, did you get any update?
  5. 3 to 4 days is good. Am still waiting for mine.
  6. Praveen, How was your interview? Did he tell when u can pick your PP
  7. Ravi, Better wait for sometime before taking an appointment
  8. Sgrsgr


    batman, I think people interviewed in Canada are still waiting. I am one of them who was interviewed on July 28.
  9. Sgrsgr

    First time H1B stamping in Jamaica

    You have to get it done in your Home country.
  10. I still didn't get mine. Still says AP. My interview was on 28th at Ottawa
  11. Praveen0110, Interview was ok. He didn't ask much.I am in Toronto.
  12. Sgrsgr

    Calgary H1B stamping Passport Delays

    Where were you interviewed?which consulate? Mine was in Ottawa on 28th, still waiting for PP. Visa officer told at the latest 04 August, but still waiting
  13. No need of any additional documents. Make sure you have your car registration card with you.
  14. Praveen0110, Once you finish the interview on 6th if you could post about what the officer said about when to collect your passport, we can estimate when we can expect ours.
  15. I haven't got my PP yet?Did anybody else got it...