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  1. Shurap1

    H1 Transfer : Contracting to FTE

    Your previous employer may revoke the H1B after you leave so going back may not be an option.
  2. Shurap1

    Traffic Voilation- N-400

    Do NOT provide the information that has not been asked for.
  3. Checkout 485 trackers on google to understand trend.
  4. You can work with H1B receipt notice so I see no issues here.
  5. Shurap1

    Docs required for N400 Interview

    I would also take current and all old expired passports, birth certificate and marriage certificate. Also make sure your wife understand a bit about tax returns; basically a differentiation between state and federal tax forms. Also she should know her social security number which interviewer officer may want her to confirm while going through N-400 form. All the best.
  6. OCI does not grant Indian citizenship. Also India do not allow dual citizenship but USA do.
  7. Yes it is certainly more than year since last couple of months for many USCIS field offices.
  8. Unlike H1 visa, E3 is not dual intent visa so applying for GC on E3 visa can be problematic. Also chargeability goes by your country of birth and not by your or your son's country of citizenship. Read here for more details: https://www.murthy.com/2016/03/28/cross-chargeability-in-green-card-cases/
  9. Shurap1

    Eligibility Under STEM

    Not sure how can you enrol in MS in Computer Science program as your background seems to be in accounting?
  10. Shurap1

    Company Layoff

    Not sure what is the agreement here, but in US generally it is "employment at will" which is an agreement you sign at the time of joining and with that they can let you go at ANY time. Severance package unless mentioned in your offer letter would be completely discretionary.
  11. Shurap1

    H1B Amendment RFE - Need to travel to INDIA

    I would not travel.
  12. Shurap1

    H1B Extension Denied But Valid I 94

    If the transfer is approved for new employer, you can continue to work for new employer without having to get visa stamped. You can do it even when the transfer is in progress. Visa stamp is only required for entry and if your prior stamp is valid, you can still travel on the old stamp. At port of entry you would show old visa and new h1B approval I797 notice. There is no need to explicitly go and get visa stamp.
  13. Shurap1

    EB2 India progression

    Or new government could do CIR which either can get you GC quickly or ask you to leave :)
  14. Green card is a privilege and not right. Also EB1-C is completely up to discretion of employer so I would not "fight" with the employer. It is pretty clear your employer do not want to process your green card in "fast track" category for whatever reasons. Also from your post it seems like your job do not even seems to qualify for EB2 category so wondering how it qualifies under EB-1 category? Contact different attorney and see what is their opinion.
  15. OCI cards are getting recently processed within 4 to 6 weeks so you have a good chance of getting OCI before your travel date. If not then you can apply for visa of arrival which needs to be done 3 days before travel date.
  16. Shurap1

    EB1 eligibility

    Check with laywer but I am doubtful.
  17. Shurap1

    Doctors for EB1

    Just wondering why doctors (ONLY) should be classified under EB1 category? What is the rationale behind? Also how do you determine which doctors would qualify for e.g would veterinary doctor qualify, would pcp qualify? Why nurses should not be considered under this category? And many more questions.... do you have any analysis of justifying your demand?
  18. Shurap1

    Renunciation with OCI or Visa

    They send back to passport immediately after verification. Once you get the passport back, you can apply for visa.
  19. Shurap1

    I485 pending.But B1/B2 extension denied.

    Last 2 paragraphs on first page of USCIS response clearly states this.
  20. Shurap1

    EB2 to EB1C porting

    Read below USCIS memo that was published very recently. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/2018/2018-03-19-PM-602-0158-Matter-of-S-P.pdf A beneficiary who worked abroad for a qualifying multinational organization for at least one year, but left its employ for a period of more than two years after being admitted to the United States as a nonimmigrant, does not satisfy the one-in-three foreign employment requirement for immigrant classification as a multinational manager or executive. To cure the interruption in employment, such a beneficiary would need an additional year of qualifying employment abroad before he or she could once again qualify.
  21. Shurap1

    N400 background check delays

    The question I believe was in reference to the selective services registration. Delays are due to massive number of N400 applications being filed. Many USCIS local fields offices are backed up by year or more now due to this.
  22. Shurap1

    I485 pending.But B1/B2 extension denied.

    Denial letter clearly states the law :)
  23. Shurap1

    I485 pending.But B1/B2 extension denied.

    If you have already filed I-485 then you are under Pending AOS status and not out of status. But this is immaterial per the USCIS response. I am wondering how were you able to file for I140/I485 on B1/B2 visa? B1/B2 is non-immigrant visa (unlike H visas which are dual intent) which may be a problem for your case. I think there are high chances of your I485 will be denied and possibly even I140 would be revoked.
  24. Shurap1

    H1B revoked

    If you meant H1B petition revoked and not "visa" then you are fine. Revoking visa has different repercussions all together.
  25. Shurap1

    Oath ceremony letter not coming

    Of course with Infopass only. If not available then you have no options than to wait.