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  1. Yes it it taking lot longer these days. Nothing much can be done until processing time report passes your filing date. This is the case now with most of the USCIS local field offices.
  2. It will go in effect from October 1st which to me would impacting all the existing and new applications.
  3. Read the USCIS news below
  4. Few people I know had to wait for about an year for EB-1 I140 approval. If your case is within processing times window, nothing much can be done here.
  5. Many USCIS field offices have been severely backlogged. My observation is that processing times report is published very conservatively and there are cases that are getting approved are even outside of the processing time window. With said that, waits are still pretty long in some places, about 8 to 10 months providing background check completes in time.
  6. You do not qualify.
  7. Have some patience. Many of the forum members have been waiting for more than decade for their GC so I would not term 7 months of waiting as infinity.
  8. I think your son will need to renounce US citizenship and apply for India citizenship to get Indian Passport. Once this done, he should be able to apply for US visa. Just wondering if you had firm mind of returning back to India, why have you not planned child birth in India? You could have avoided all this hassle.
  9. Each application is processed separately. So from what you mention it seems like all the processing for your wife's application is complete and now the interview has been scheduled. You will need to wait until USCIS processing times report for your service center passes your filing date in order to give the call and enquire about status. USCIS will not entertain any calls if your cases is within the processing time window.
  10. Each application is separate and there is no primary and dependent categorization for N-400. Some cases clear all necessary processing sooner than others and as soon they complete all necessary processing, interview gets scheduled. Nothing to worry here.
  11. Try posting this in
  12. No you should not leave it blank, it needs to be from I-140 form.
  13. Many of the local USCIS field offices are severly backlogged and it may take many months to get actual interview letter. It took almost 6 months for me after case went in-line for interview. You cannot call USCIS customer service as your case would be within the processing time as posted on USCIS website for your local field office. Stay patient and it will come one day, nothing much you can do here.
  14. Use Visa on Arrival facility provided for US Citizens. You would need to fill some paperwork online, 3 days prior to your departure.
  15. Your masters degree won't count here. You need to have masters degree and min 2 years of experience BEFORE joining the current employer in order to qualify for EB2 (and also job profile should have similar requirement). I think there are high chances of getting RFE on this petition if filed under EB2.