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  1. Hello Friends, I am really hoping you can help me. My mother in law visited us last year on a visitor visa. Just a few weeks before her departure, she had an accident and was injured. We applied for a visa extension as we were not sure if she was going to be in a condition to travel. We did not receive any feedback on the visa extension and we did not want to jeopardise future visits. Also, she was a bit better. So, she departed on the day that the i-94 expired. If the expiration date on her i-94 was Dec 1, she left the country on exactly dec 1. Four months later, we have received the denial notice. I am very confused with the text on this denial notice. I am worried that her visitor visa may have been cancelled. I thought we were safe because she did not overstay but I am now worried because of the following text. could you please let me know what this means? Especially the term "abandonment of the applicant's nonimmigrant status"? "To be eligible for an extension of stay, an applicant must remain in nonimmigrant status. Departure from the United States before the authorized stay expires constitutes an abandonment of the applicant's nonimmigrant status". "The applicant's authorized stay expired on xxx/xx/2014. Review of USCIS records shows that the applicant departed the US on the same day as the applicant's initial authorized stay. Hence, the applicant's departure from the United States within the authorized period of admission constitutes abandonment of the authorized non immigran status. As a result, approval of this application serves no purpose. Therefore USCIS denies the application"
  2. Hello, My MIL's i-94 expires in mid Nov. She was all set to depart before this date. Unfortunately, last week, she had an accident and had a major injury which required surgery in the ER. She is at home recovering now. The doctor estimates 2 months for a full recovery, and at least 4 weeks for the external wounds to heal. We want her to stay with us at least for four weeks because she has to rest completely, and she needs the sutures removed and has follow up doctor appointments. I have already filed for a visa extension online with all the supporting documents. Could you please help me with the following questions - 1) Typically, how long does it take for USCIS to provide a decision? 2) She holds a B2 multiple entry visa for 10 years. Will this visa get voided if the USCIS declines her case? What is she has already left the country (after i-94 expiration but before the decision is mailed to us), is her visa still valid then? 3) While she is waiting on the decision of her case, is she considered in status or out of status after her i-94 expires? I request you to please provide feedback. She has never overstayed her i-94, and this was totally unexpected. Please help
  3. My husband and I got our green cards in June 2008. We have continuously lived in California since then, with very few international trips which were very short. We want to apply for citizenship now as we have lived here for more than five years. I thought our case will be pretty straightforward. However, as I was reviewing the Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet, quesiton 10 confused me. One of the following has to be true in order for us to be eligible for Naturalization. " a) I am female or b) I am a male registered with the Selective Service or c) I am a male who did not enter the United States under any status until after my 26th birthday d) I am a male who was in the United States between the ages of 18 and 26 but who did not register with the Selective Service and I will send a "Status Information Letter" from the Selective Service explaining why I did not register with my application e) I am a male who was in the United States between the ages of 18 and 26 as a lawful nonimmigrant " (a) applies to me, so my case is straightforward. A, B, C, D does not apply to my husband. My question is with E - my husband was a lawful non-immigrant when he entered the US on an F1 visa at the age of 21 and then got a H1 visa. But he also started the labor certification process for the green card when he was 24 or 25 years old. Based on this, can he be considered a lawful nonimmigrant?