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  1. received tracking number at 1 30AM last night, collected it at 9AM today.. Flying out in the afternoon :)
  2. Folks, My CEAC status just changed to ''Íssued''. Haven't received a waybill number yet.
  3. Hello Everyone No update in my status. However, I did go to the Loomis Branch in Richmond yesterday and I was told that they generally receive 300 odd passports/day but that number had come down to almost zero over the past few days. The person also mentioned that they were scheduled/expecting approximately 70 odd passports late yesterday (I am not sure how much of it to believe or what to make of it). Anyway, I will update my status once I have any further update.
  4. Hi Folks, I had an F1 visa interview on 23rd July at 9 30AM. It was a 3 minute interview focused on I20, Financial docs and my husband's employment details in the US. (I currently hold a valid H4 visa). The VO said my visa was approved and I would receive it in 3-5 business days. I haven't received any notification on my waybill number and the CEAC website has been showing admin processing since 23rd. I have my return tickets booked for tonight but am stuck in Vancouver without my passport. Just sharing my visa experience and will post an update if I hear anything from the Consulate or Loomis.