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  1. I guess it is IT consulting company, If you have all the required documents like Client letter, contracts, pay slips, project related docs, etc. you are good.
  2. desi client letter????
  3. batman

    Is there a limit for holidays on H1B?

    I guess if she is outside US and in vacation, then there is no need to get paid. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  4. in the visa date confirmation page there will be edit tab, click on it and give the new DS160 number
  5. Can you please share your experience like what documents they have asked.
  6. It is same anytime. Everything depends on your documents.
  7. batman

    H1b visa stamping on 2nd sept in Vancouver

    can you plz let me know your contact information
  8. batman

    H1b visa stamping on 2nd sept in Vancouver

    dates are closed through summer. Luckily i got the date very recently. I guess someone may have cancelled their date and i got it.
  9. batman

    H1b visa stamping on 2nd sept in Vancouver

    Yes I am having on the same day.
  10. batman

    Help With DS 160

    yes but i guess you are inviting unnecessary problems.