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  1. ppp121

    Employer office location change

    Thanks for the response.
  2. ppp121

    Visa Bulletin Developments

    Thanks Attorney_6.
  3. My PD is current and still awaiting RFE (EB3-EB2) for medical certifications etc, my employer is changing our physical office location to a new building 10 miles away, would this impact the filing? What forms do I need to file any forms to keep USCIS of the change. Regards PPP121
  4. ppp121

    Visa Bulletin Developments

    My application has been in security check for over 2 months, will these changes have an impact on how long it takes to clear the checks or will the processing stop if the dates are no longer available?
  5. ppp121

    Questions About I-485 Approvals

    Thank you Attorney_6, My EB2, I-140 has the original PD, does this confirm the interfiling, do I have any other means to check on the same. My attorney said they have interfiled, and asked for an update, but no responses yet, been a week since the request. Regards -PPP-121
  6. ppp121

    Questions About I-485 Approvals

    My PD is Feb 2007, was under EB3, I was approved for the I-140 under EB2 on Jul 14, but haven't heard anything from the USCIS for the I-485, (also applied for my spouse, no acknowledgement for that either), is it too early to open a service request? What are my options to ensure that I do not miss this window. Regards -PPP121
  7. Dear Attorney, I'm on a pending I-485 (PD Feb 2007) on EB3 and have a recently approved I-140 on EB2, do I need to file again for the 485? My spouse's application for 485 has also been submitted at the begining of this period. Regards ppp121