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  1. Hello, I have been seeing lot of messages regarding h4 EAD process being temporarily stopped. Is this true? I'm in process of applying for COS for my spouse from f1 to h4 along with my H1B extension . Please advice on if i can proceed with filing. Refer to article below. http://www.***************.com/************* Appreciate your help. Thank you
  2. Hi, I have my H1B till august 2018 and wanted to apply for premium processing for H1-B extension along with COS for my wife from F1 to H4. She already holds a F1 visa with valid OPT till 2018. However, I wanted to apply for COS for her (f1 to h4) along with my premium processing. Can you pelase help me with following questions 1) Can f1 to h4 COS be applied along with h4 EAD(for her) for future date of August 2017? 2) What will be the processing time to get COS and EAD with premium processing 3) Can she continue working on OPT until the EAD is approved? If applied for future date (August 2017) can she continue to work on OPT till then? 4) Any impact on my current H1-B by applying together for COS? Please help and provide your suggestions. Appreciate all your help regarding this. THANK YOU
  3. Hello, I had my Visa interview on Jan 12th. I received a 221g green slip at the end of interview. VO said it will take two weeks due to "Administrative Processing" VO asked simple standard questions about my job and Title. then VO asked me reason for change of employer ( I changed my employer and went for Visa after petition got approved). I answered bysaying better position and better pay. VO then asked about myclient and showed hm client letter. In the end he said my case will take 2 weeks due to internal processing. Its been 2 weeks now and still did not get any update. So far my employer did not get any call from Embasy. Did anyone had similar issue? What does green 221g mean? Is it different that other 221g Usuallyhw long does it take to get cleared of processing? Appreciate your help Thanks!!
  4. buzzer4u

    Jamaica Stamping Aug4th

    Great!!!! I belive the email id's are blocked in teh forum. Please contact me through my email as mentioned in my profile, we can plan for accomodation and discuss further. Thanks
  5. buzzer4u

    Visa Stamping on August 4th (Jamaica)

    Hello, I have the visa interview on the same day. Please contact me through my email as mentioned in my profile, we can plan for sharing and travel. Thanks
  6. buzzer4u

    Jamaica Stamping Aug4th

    Anyone going for stamping on August 4th? Please share your details or you can contact me at my email Id as mentioned in my Profile. We can share the travel plan and accomodation.
  7. I have booked at the Knutsford Court Hotel from Aug 3 to Aug 6th and my appointment in on 4th at 7:00AM. Do you know if we have to show return ticket at the Jamaica POE? If Yes, is there a minimum # of days stay they expect us to stay?
  8. buzzer4u

    Jamaica Visa Experience and Accommodation

    Congratulation on you VISA. Do they ask to show our return ticket on arrival at Kingston Airport? If yes, Do they ask for a 1 week minimum stay or 4 days of stay is good? What do you suggest on booking return ticket with only 3-4 days of stay for VISA purpose?
  9. buzzer4u

    Stamping in Jamaica on August 4th

    Do they ask to show our return ticket on arrival at Kingston Airport? If yes, Do they ask for a 1 week minimum stay?
  10. Hi, I have Visa appointment on Aug 4th and have booked the room as well. Would you be interested for shared accommodation?
  11. buzzer4u

    4th August H1B stamping in Kingston Jamaica

    Hello, I have my visa interview booked on Aug 4th as well. Would you be intrested in sharing accomodation at Knutsford from Aug 3rd to Aug 6th? I have already booked the room. Thanks
  12. Hello, I'm planning for Visa stamping at Kingston, Jamaica on Aug 4th and have booked hotel from Aug 3rd to Aug 6th 2014 near the US counslate. If anyone is intrested to share accomodation during that time, pls let me know. You can reach me at *************@gmail.com. Thank you and good luck for your stamping.