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  1. Hi, We have accommodation available for Jamaica trip from 17- 22 Aug. Please contact me with my email id under my profile.
  2. I don't think even putting it in DS 160 will cause issue. My friend was arrested for driving without license and the case was cleared in court but is still in records. He mentioned it in DS 160. He still got his visa. This is not a legal advise but what i know from my friend.
  3. pkolla

    name of the current employer in DS-160

    I see a big risk there legally. I am not a legal expert but just saying out loud.
  4. I am in. Please go ahead and call them. you can reach me @ *****************.
  5. please see the email id under my profile. send me emails who all are interested, We can book a studio. I don't care if its male or female looking for shared acc but i need assurance of who all are joining me. I cannot see any of your email id's, they are blocked if you put email id's on forum threads directly. You can add them to your profile settings or email me directly by looking at my email id in profile.
  6. Please share who all are interested in joining the shared accommodation in Kingston, Jamaica for H1B stamping.
  7. My visa appt. is on the 19th Aug too. Any plans on shared accommodation guys? I am planning on flying the 17th of Aug. You can reach me at my email on the profile. Please share the email id's if interested. I will do the same too. :)
  8. Hi, I am looking for the same dates. Can you guys add me to it please.