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  1. Hi, Currently I'm working for Employer B from Oct 2016 and I have i140 approved from this employer. Prior to this I worked for Employer A, who filed my petition on In House project. I didn't had any issues while extensions or stamping. Next month my current employer is filing for H1B Extension, is there any chances of getting NOIR in this case? If Yes, what action should I take? Appreciate your guidance!
  2. MuraliKanna

    Visitors Visa - stamping concerns

    Hi My parents are planning to visit US in couple months. This is their first time visit. My concern is....my father original name was printed in his passport which is OK but his alias name was printed in my passport and in all my school/college certificates. Does the name difference create issue while stamping? coz i'm sending supporting documents. or does he need any affidavit with his original name and alias name so that he can submit? Please advise
  3. MuraliKanna

    H4 - Dropbox questions

    Hi, I'm on H1B and my petition got extended this year and so for my spouse. I received following docs, Doc 1 - original I-797 (I129 petition for a nonimmigrant worker) for H1B Class Doc 2 - original I-797 (I539 application to extend nonimmigrant status) for H4 class She is in India right now and eligible for drop box interview waiver program (PFA). My questions are 1. As mentioned in the attachment, IWP is asking only the copy of primary applicants i797 and Visa Copy. Do I need to drop Doc 1 or Doc 2 or both? originals or photocopy? Its already mentioned photocopy in the attachment but just need confirmation because I checked with my employer and he was not sure. 2. Where do I drop these docs? OFC center or consulate center? 3. I know documents needs to drop in 'drop box' package and seal the package. In consulate/OFC will be any separate package for each applicant? Will be any one assist in consulate/OFC while drop in case of any issues?
  4. MuraliKanna

    H1 B - Transfer

    Hi, My question is regarding H1 B transfer My current employer applied for H1B extension under premium processing and the petition is still under process. For some reason I would like to transfer my H1 B to another employer, is it possible? If Yes, what are the risks in it? I understand that If I transfer then my new employer has to re-initiate the extension process but what are the risks in it? My Visa extension will be successful? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  5. MuraliKanna

    H1 B extension applied - no change in status

    @rohit369 Yes, I see "Premium Processing" in the receipt document.
  6. MuraliKanna

    H1 B extension - Stamping

    Hi, I'm from Hyderabad, India and currently I live in Minnesota, US. My employer applied my H1 B extension and still under process. I hope my petition will be approved by end of this month. Once petition is approved, I'm planning to visit Hyderabad but my only concern is stamping. I believe it is not possible to get US visa stamp (like H1B) inside the US. I'm planning to get my Visa stamping before i visit to Hyderabad. So please advise what would be the best option. Thank you!!
  7. Hi, Its been 1 month till today, my employer applied for H1B extension under premium processing at Vermont Service Center but i still see same status "Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed". Do I need to bother/follow up with USCIS? please advise
  8. MuraliKanna

    Reschedule Appointment

    Thanks for the information!
  9. MuraliKanna

    Reschedule Appointment

    @unlucky_boy - Nothing like that. Some personal reasons.
  10. MuraliKanna

    Reschedule Appointment

    I got below response from support@ustraveldocs.com. Can anyone please check and let me know I'm OK to cancel appoinment now and reschedule after 10/10? ------------------------------------------------------ Dear Mr. Kanna, Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk. We understand that you want to reschedule the appointment. With regards to your query we would like to inform you that as you have already attended the OFC appointment, now you will not be able to cancel and reschedule the consulate appointment, if you want to reschedule the interview, the status of the interview should change to "No show" it will be changed normally in 24 to 48 hours after the scheduled Consular interview date. Once the No Show has been activated you can schedule the interview again. Please note if you are rescheduling the appointments, you may have to reschedule both the interview again. 1) You will not be able to view the no show option, your receipt will be activated within 24 hrs after the no show is updated. You to wait till the provided timefram and if you are still unable to re-schedule the appointment,would request you to revert the US Visa service desk. You may log in to your profile on www.ustraveldocs.com/in for choosing the available date for submitting your interview. 2) The visa fee receipt is valid for one calendar year hence, you need not pay the visa fee again in order to reschedule your appointment. Kindly, follow the link "http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visafeeinfo.asp" for more information. Further,please be informed that as per the current procedure an applicant may apply at any of the consulate here in India except L1B visa applicant. They need to schedule their interview in Chennai Consulate. We hope this answers your queries. Have a pleasant day! Yours sincerely, U.S. Visa Service Desk --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. MuraliKanna

    Reschedule Appointment

    Thanks for the reply. I see an option Reschedule Appointment, but don't find my appointment however I can see my appoinment in Cancel Appointment. Can I cancel and schedule new appointment? Please let me know the procedure. Thank you.
  12. MuraliKanna

    Reschedule Appointment

    Hi, I have done my OFC at Hyderabad OFC. My visa interview is on 10th of October at Hyderabad Consulate. Can I reschedule the appointment? Can I change the location of consulate? If I can reschedule and change the location, then do I need to go for biometrics again? Please help. Thanks in advance
  13. MuraliKanna

    Visa Stamping

    Jairichi, Thanks for your reply. I have sent an email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com and received below. From the email I understand that no need of changing the consulate. Can you please review the email and confirm? ---------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr. Kanna, Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk. We understand that you have few queries regarding DS-160. With regards to your concern, please be informed that you may proceed ahead with the same DS-160 and attend the scheduled appointment. Further, please be informed that as per the current procedure an applicant may apply at any of the consulate here in India. We hope this answers your queries. Have a pleasant day! Yours sincerely, U.S. Visa Service Desk
  14. MuraliKanna

    Visa Stamping

    Jairichi, Can you please give more information or steps to contact Stanley help desk.
  15. MuraliKanna

    Visa Stamping

    Hi, A month ago I planned to go Mumbai consulate for stamping, so I submitted DS 160 with consulate as Mumbai. But now I had to go to Hyderabad consulate for some reasons. Is it OK to visit Hyderabad embassy without changing (I'm not sure we can change or not) or creating new DS160 with consulate as Hyderabad? Please help. Thanks in advance.