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  1. firecracker

    H4 EAD will be revoked?

    I just read in an article that with the new president in US all H4 EAD will be revoked and this is in the first 100 days plan of the president. Is it true that this going to happen? I have H1B visa but I let it go and decided to use my H4 EAD for my employment as that was fetching me fulltime employment in UA versus H1B which got me only contractual positions as companies were ready to sponsor my H1. Please help me know the future of H4 EAD and how soon they are going to get revoked? My husband's H1B is valid for the next 3 years and so is my EAD. - Thanks
  2. Hi, I came to us in march 2010 on l1b visa. I will max out 5 yrs on my l1b visa in May 2015. I will be moving back to India in April 2015. My questions is: Can I apply for fresh h1b in April 2015 and if I get it through in the lottery then take a one year break in India to reset my counter and then come back to us In may 2016?
  3. I am in US currently on a valid I-94. My L1-B visa expired on 10 Mar 2013. I am staying on I-94 which expires in Jan-2016. 5 year term for L1B completes in May-2015. I am planning to apply for L1-A conversion now. If USCIS denies my L1A conversion, am I still allowed to stay and work till the 5yr term completion date under my old L1-B (May-2015)? I searched a lot on the topic, but still need clarification. Thank you in advance for your answers.
  4. firecracker

    If L1B Blanket to L1A Conversion gets denied?

    Thanks Attorney_23 for your reply.