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  1. Hello Team, I have valid H1B Petition and i94 till Aug 30 2017 and completed 4 years .Now i got job from different employer B and this job would be EVC (Employer Vendor Client) model. My petition was sent to USICS in PP and yet to receive receipt. Client asked me to join by Feb 08th and they are not going to provide client letter. I know its risky but no other options for me now. i have taken this risk and ready to join on the receipt as client and vendor told me that they can provide any additional documentation if uscics looks for EE relationship. We have submitted MSA between client and vendor, Client email confirmation on my joining date; Vendor letter; Vendor and Employer agreement Please answer following questions to prepare myself ahead 1) What are the chances of RFE with these documentation 2)Incase of RFE, Without client letter, Can i get through with client emails,ID Card and whatever possible alternative documentation as vendor has 20 years relationship with client. 3) Employer B(No rejections till date) told me that incase of denial,they will refill h1b again in regular processing. But as per my understanding, i would be out of status from the denial. Assuming that it would be around Mar15 and i will not have payslips for month and half, can they file petition without having current payslips using Jan 17th new law change 60 days grace period after h1 revoke or job loss and can i transfer my h1b to another employer C using my current my petition Appreciate all your responses
  2. Krishh287

    H4 Extension required if visa date expired

    Thank you Pontevecchio and Jairichi for your valuable answers
  3. Hi All, I am working on H1 for employer A and its valid till 23 oct 2014.I am going to join in company B and work permit has transferred to company B and its valid till Jun 30 2015. My dependents have H4 valid till 23 oct 2014 and they are in india and didn't travel to USA. I didn't apply extension for dependents visa, not sure can it be done with transfer 1) Can they travel on their current H4 to USA? 2) If Yes, Do they need to go for H4 extension once they come to USA before 23 oct 2014? 3)If Yes, How many months before i need to apply extension for them 4) If i apply extension for my dependents after join to company B before spouse and kid come to USA, Do they need go for stamping ? Thanks in advance Venky