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  1. HI All, Just want to share my experience here. Appointment 7th Aug 8 AM. -reached there by 7:20 -waited for about 20-30 min to let 7:30 and 7:45 am time slots people to complete before me. -Got appointment check done -Got Security check done -Got verified I-797, PP and DS-160 confirmation page and got Employee rights booklet - Finally the inter view part - there were 3 VO who are interviewing - Two slots with chairs and room like place and one with open with no chair - two women and one men VO - Two women are taking lot of time to complete interview for each person. - even for a visitor visa they took 15-20 min of complete questions. - Men VO came in late, but he is the best. - He is completing 3 interviews in the same time women VO's completed interviewing one person. No matter what kind of visa it is. - Fortunately I went to Men VO. It took me 3-4 questions and 5 min to complete interview. - Question he asked 1. When did you book your appointment? Ans: approx xxx time before 2. What is your Visa status in Canada? Ans: Visitor 3. Is your employer XXX company? Ans: Yes 4. Do you only work with XXX company or work for any one else also? Ans: Just for XXX company. 5. So do you do Database maintenance work for XXX company? Ans: I'm a programmer analyst and I do different kind of things like Requirement gathering,Analysis and design, Creating web applications, deploying and yes also maintaining Database servers. - Then he said your visa is approved and you get an email once it is ready. -- So this is my story of interview. But I went along with a friend who happens to go to a Women VO. - We both went to the interview almost same time, but by the time my friend completed his interview, I completed my interview, came down, had a bagel and coffee (You can imaging how long it took). - He had the bad visa experience with lot of questions and showing documents. It started with same as my questions, then it wen ooooon. Some questions he got is - You got 5 years of student visa, why did you completed your masters in 2 years? Did you completed fast? Ans: Masters program is only for 2 years. - did you do job in OPT in the same field as masters? Ans: Yes - So you came as a student status, did you applied for status change? Ans: He showed I-797 - She again asked, "I'm repeating again, did you applied for status change when you changed from Student to H1b"? Ans: Then he did understand what to show, he just showed I-129 petition and LCA( and she was expecting I-129) - you said ur working from 3 years bu ur I797 says only from July 2014? Ans: it is H1B amendment as I changed my client, I applied for amendment. - So did you applied for status change during ur first I-797? ANs: Luckily he got I-129 for previous I-797 as well. and he showed. - What did you do after your Student Ans: I worked for XXX company on OPT. - What is OPT? Ans: He answered - Did you applied for status change for Student visa to OPT as well? Ans: We don't need to, we can do work during OPT and showed OPT cards. - Why you came here now? why didn't you came for stamping when u got ur H1B visa? And: Have some out of country plans in future and i got some free time now for stamping Finally and fortunately he got all the documents she requested and he got approved. Vo said, you'll receive Passport in a week. These are the questions he remember and there might be some more small questions. So people going to Calgary, Please do carry all documents. Hope this helps. and thanks a lot for every one for all the info and making me prepared for the interview. Cheers!!!
  2. Hey Can you give me ur contact details or you can contact me at my email ID in my profile. I need some info about what questions asked and where to stay and some other.
  3. SidMup

    Canada Visa Slot

    No. But you need to pay the MRV fee for Canada to see the available dates. I think you know this but just to be clear, "You need Canada Visa to go for Stamping"
  4. I have visa appointment scheduled in Calgary on 7th August. If any body is travelling during that time, We can share the accommodation. You can contact me through my email id in my profile.
  5. Hi Guys, Can any one let me know what is the best place to live in Calgary? Any body planing for stamping in Calgary on or around Aug 7th?
  6. Where did u had ur interview? and please let us know the status.
  7. SidMup

    Wait Time for Passport Picking

    Any body waiting for PP in Calgary? How is the situation there? I have an appointment on 7th August
  8. How about Calgary? any body completed interview in Calgary and waiting for the passport?
  9. What about Calgary, anybody in Calgary got passports?
  10. Whats the status of people who attended the interview on and after 28th? what is the status of your passports? Please let us know. I'm planing to come next week to canada.
  11. Hi, If any one experiencing delays on getting passport back after the interview because of the Glitch that happened on 20th, please post your experiences here. Information like When was the appointment date How many days they are waiting Whats the status pf passport showing in website If you got ur passport, when is that Which location did you attended Interview. Any of the above information is very helpful for the people who plan to travel India for stamping. Thank you all ..
  12. Thanks for the information. Its very helpful to know what exactly happened.
  13. SidMup

    Wait Time for Passport Picking

    Where did u went for stamping?
  14. SidMup

    Stamping In India

    Thats great. Do you know any one went for H1 stamping in India through interview recently?
  15. Hi rfe2011, Can you please update ur status in here? like about the interview and if you are waiting for passport or if you got ur passport?