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  1. Hi @sss1199 whats your status?
  2. sndpk

    Convert from H1B to F1

    @kv919 Hi iam in same boat as you , what was your outcome?
  3. sndpk

    H1B revoked after approval

    Hi, @sss1199 Can you please share your contact details , iam in a tough situation right now . I have filed my extension in consular processing after denial and got RFE again. yet to get the docs .
  4. @Vidhu Visa Hi, Iam in same boat as you , got rfe in consular processing and looking for the options for the next steps. Can you let me know the next steps you have done and also please share your contact details .
  5. sndpk

    H1 to F2

    Not in us right now in India, denial because of specialty occupation. I re-filed in consular processing with all the necessary documentation and waiting for the decision ,have to see . I am trying to find the options if it gets denied.
  6. sndpk

    H1 to F2

    Hi, Iam planning to apply for - F2 visa , currently my h1b denied and i refiled in consular processing and waiting on my decision. I lived in us for 12 yrs and this is my third extension on I-140. Also will my 1-140 will be revoked if i apply for f2?
  7. can you share your contact ?
  8. Hi, Recently my extension got denied and i have to travel back to ind and re-filed new petition in consular processing with same employer ,same client and same location. If my extension was approved can i go to mexico/canada for stamping or is it mandatory to attend the visa interview at home location?
  9. @Vidhu Visa do you know what the rfe? are you currently in us / ind?
  10. @Vidhu Visa did your visa approved after re-filed?
  11. sndpk


    @don12 iam in the same boat as you, whats your status now?
  12. did you refiled for new petition whats the status now?
  13. please share your updates.
  14. @-h1bstamping001 I'm in the same situation I had my interview on 22nd sep and waiting for my passport .I had pims issue and case status shows as Ready . On 22nd case status as AP 24 case status updated as AP 25 case status updated as Ready.
  15. yes go and pickup at loomis around 6pm.