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  1. I am on a H1b visa. My fiance has a B1/B2 visa , and has visited the USA a couple times in the last 2 years. If we get married here when she comes to USA on B1/B2 , I wanted to understand if i can apply for a change of status from B1/B2 to H4 without her going back to India ? Appreciate your help in this regard.
  2. I am currently in India and got my H1B approved through employer A and stamping is completed. As I did not travel yet, there is no I 94 record. Can I transfer my H1B to employer B now ?
  3. Rajeev11007

    L1B to H1B Conversion

    i am currently working in the USA with an L1B VISA (with Valid I-94 and visa stamping being expired) from Employer-A and i have applied H1B VISA this year. I had an RFE for my H1B VISA and i have submitted required documents and current status is Request for Evidence Response Review. My question is how long i can continue to stay on L1B VISA and will my status be legal if i am working on L1B visa even after an approved H1B. I want to continue to work on L1B for some time and then move on with HB.
  4. Rajeev11007

    H1B Transfer applied on last working day

    Thank you All. My Transfer is now approved. Does anyone have idea , How i can check my new I 94 number online.
  5. Rajeev11007

    H1B Transfer applied on last working day

    Thanks for your responses. I got an RFE today from USCIS to prove that i am maintaining valid status. My earlier company A has withdrawn the H1B extension on July 1st and hence asking me to prove it. How should i be moving or takinng care of it.
  6. Working with company A , H1B expired on May 31 2014 and Extension has been applied in normal process by company A and receipt number has come. With extension in process, my last day was decided at company A as June 23rd. Company B filed my transfer and sent the transfer docs under premium processing to USCIS on 23rd itself. As per USCIS site, transfer is filed on 27th June. Will this cause any status issues.