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  1. arpit1984

    NIW with EB1

    Hi, I am working as bioinformatics research scientist for last 5 years, for NIH. I did my masters from Carnegie Mellon university. I have 5 paper publications(1 is first co-authored) and total 35 citations. I just want to get an idea, if this number of paper is good enough to apply under EB1(NIW) or should i go with EB2
  2. arpit1984

    H1b visa transfer date missed

    my mistake and I am sorry. But in any case i DIDNT find your post helpful at all. Infact, i pretty much ignored it after reading first line initially. Later I read it, so thought to tell you you can be courteous to other people. What goes around that comes around. If you are good like this, then its fine.
  3. arpit1984

    H1b visa transfer date missed

    JoeF.. Well your post WASNT helpful at all, as everyone has already said the same things, long time before. So, you didn't need to show your bluntness unnecessary. So far border officers were nice to me and again, they are doing their job. They don't volunteer. PS. I can be also blunt some time, instead of showing appreciation. But if you want to be thanked, you need to keep your forte (bluntness) aside.
  4. arpit1984

    H1b visa transfer date missed

    Thanks everyone. To JoeF, why people loose so much control when they volunteer to suggest something? I would have appreciated more if you would have said it with more politeness.
  5. arpit1984

    H1b visa transfer date missed

    UCICS has sent me RFE. My HR, with company attorney, has sent back the required documents. In case UCICS rejects my application, what would be the scenario? For new H1b, i will have to wait till April 2015 and can start only Oct 2015, so that's not the solution. Would there be any way to stay in USA and work legally? As I said earlier that I did my Masters from USA from one of the top University and I work in research field for government. Would this make my case stronger to UCICS? Would initiation of Green card help?
  6. arpit1984

    H1b visa transfer date missed

    I did my MS from USA and then worked in a company "A" for 2 years. I have H1b from my company "A" in 2012. Now, another company "B" acquired my department(group) from company "A" in July 2013. Since then I am working for company "B" on same job title, responsibilities and work. Recently, I planned to go on holidays to India and I asked for employment letter, then HR of my new company "B" realized they didnt apply for H1b transfer. They didn't do any paper work. Now after realizing this,they contacted company "A" where they found out that the company "A" had withdrawn my H1B in February 2014 without noticing us. Company "B" have applied for h1b transfer, awaiting the response from UCICS. But what are the worst scenarios and work around?