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  1. l1b_cos_h1b

    6 years H1B completed, can I return on L1B after 1 year?

    Thanks jairichi. I had a question regarding 1 year calculation if I come for 2-3 visits to US during that period. Say I leave the country on 1/1/2016. Through the year I travel to US for business meetings - around 30 days in one year. So will I be eligible to apply for L1B after 2/1/2016. Is my understanding correct? As I may have to come and visit customers, I will have to keep a record of the number of days in US. What is the best way to do it? Any suggestion?
  2. My H1B 6 years is around 1.5 years away. My employer is unable to start the GC process now but has offered to transfer me to Canada for one year. After one year, I have to go through the cap H1B which I want to avoid as it may be go to lottery. Instead of H1B, can I come back on L1B as there is no cap limit on L1B? Appreciate your answers.
  3. l1b_cos_h1b

    H1B time reset

    I am presently in my 5th year of H1B. I joined my employer one year ago and they said they will file my GC after one year but now they are saying they cannot do it. My H1B expires on 30-Apr-2017. I don't feel comfortable joining the (desi) consulting company and have been looking for FTE position. So far the search has been unsuccessful. My current employer has a postion in Canada which I can apply and go (if I want to). I had a question regarding the H1B max time. If I chose to go to Canada for one year and come back to US to the same employer. 1. Will I get another 6 years - as I am out of US for one year? 2. If I join a new employer, how much time it will take for them to file the PERM application? 3. Do you think I have enough time to start the process and still continue to be US beyong 6 years (after April 2017). Thanks for your response.
  4. l1b_cos_h1b

    Parents given only 5 months

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I forgot to mention in my previous question. The reason for was because the return ticket is booked and is beyond the date on the I-94. As per your inputs, it looks like there is no other option but to change the return flight. Is that correct?
  5. l1b_cos_h1b

    Parents given only 5 months

    One of my friend's parents came recently to US. They came after staying in India for 2+ years. For some reason they got around 5 months stay as per I-94. Does anyone know what could be the reason? Is there anyway we can get it extended from 5 months to 6?? Thanks.
  6. Updating this thread so that others in same situation may be helped. My mom came back in March. At POE, the visa officer asked - "why are you coming again so soon?" "This time I am allowing you to stay 6 months but next time stay longer in your home country before coming back here." "Or else you will not get to stay 6 months here" Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the answers. I have a follow up question. In case in March 2015 if the officer at POE allows say only one or two months of stay. What are my options to request the extension? Are there any? What would you recommend? Thanks!
  8. l1b_cos_h1b

    Advice on B2 VISA

    Agree with JoeF. Even I was told by few to notorize the I-134 but as I didn't see it mandatory I just submitted the filled & signed I-134 and that is good enough.
  9. l1b_cos_h1b

    Advice on B2 VISA

    I am on H1B visa. My mother is also a widow and staying with my younger brother. She has no property in her name. Two months back we applied for her visa and she was granted. I sent her the I-134 form along with all my documents. The VO didn't ask her many questions. The reason for her travel was to see me and my family. I hope that helps. Just try it and speak the truth.
  10. Yes make sense. I am not sure what return date I should chose for flight. If I have to change the return date for the flight then there will be a significant cost.
  11. Hello everyone... My mom came to US on 10 Sep and going back to India on 4 Dec. (approx 3 months). [she got 6 months stay this time] She will be coming back around 10 March 2015. What do you all think? Will she be allowed to stay for 6 months? Thanks!
  12. I had similar issue. In my passport, my mother's name is different than what it is in her passport. For her passport, she had to go by what she had in the school leaving certificate. Just last month my mom went for the visitor visa at Mumbai and they didn't ask anything regarding the name being different. The officer didn't even check any of the documents I sent. Just asked her 4-5 questions.
  13. l1b_cos_h1b

    Confusion regarding my status

    Just to update my case. I went to India this month and had my stamping in Mumbai. I came back to US and got new I-94 which is valid till 2017. Thanks!
  14. l1b_cos_h1b

    Interview in HYD and FingerPrints in Chennai?

    I don't think that is possible. Contact the customer care and ask them if you can do it.