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  1. djdev2102

    Wait Time for Passport Picking

    I haven't received my passport yet. I was interviewed on 22nd July.
  2. Hi, I have few questions regarding visa stamping interview. Please help me answer these questions. 1) How is delhi consulate. Does anyone has experiences about the place like how is interview and VO's etc. 2) I heard that now in India, its a two day process where on first day you need to go for finger print and the next day will be the interview. Is it true. If yes, I being already in US and have already given finger prints while coming to US for first time, do I still need to go for this 2 day process and do finger print. 3) Once visa is issued, how soon can I collect the passport. Usually in Delhi, do they give the passport the same day after stamping or it takes more time(in days). Please help. Thanks.
  3. djdev2102

    H1B stamping and urgent visit to India

    Thank you jairichi and rahul412 for the reponse. Appreciate your help.
  4. Hi, I came to US with Comany A on H1B with I94 valid till May 2014. Then I switched to Company B and currently I am working for Company C. My visa transfer is in process with Company D and is in RFE status due to missing client letter. Due to urgent medical conditions at home, I need to visit India. It would be helpful if someone can answer my below questions- 1) Can I travel out of US when my H1B Transfer is in process? 2) Since my I94 is expired, I have to go for stamping with Company C. Will Consulate know about the transfer process with Company D which is in RFE status and will there be any complications due to this. 3) Do I need to inform company D about me going to India and should I ask them to hold on RFE status until I get new I94. Please help. Thanks