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  1. Hi Guys, I submitted passport on July 22nd related to 221G. But still in Admin processing related to DOS computer glitch. Any one in the same boat?
  2. Mkr@123

    Visa appointment- No Show- Please help!

    Just call the customer support and ask them to give NO SHOW appointment. No need to create another DS 160 form. But you will get appointment with the same location within in 1 year.
  3. Mkr@123

    Calling Toronto H1-B July stamps

    Submitted passport on July 22nd. Still awaiting for passport. Looks like issue related to computer glitch.
  4. Mkr@123

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Sorry to hear for the delay. I submitted my passport yesterday. Awaiting confirmation for passport pickup. Interview date: June 11th - 221g yellow with batch number Recieved email for resume: June 17th Sent email to consulate : June 17th Called DOS and consulate mulitple times - same status Recieved clearance email - July 17th Dropped passport - July 22nd Awaiting confirmation for pickup.
  5. Mkr@123

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    Hi StuckinTo Can you share me your email id? Looks like we are in same boat. check my profile.
  6. Mkr@123

    221g Yellow slip in Toronto July'14

    I am in Toronto stuck on 221g Yellow slip - 4 weeks. Interview date: June 11th